I think it's FAKE, what do you guys think?

  1. Angry I think it's FAKE, what do you guys think?

    Got some gear from a guy I used to know as a kid. I spent $500 on 50ml of (supposed) Test Prop and 50ml of Tren Ace.

    Before you guys tell me how stupid it was, I know. I shouldn't run them at equal doses. I don't have PCT... the whole thing was dumb. But my main concern is, I think it's totally fake. Why??

    Well I started injecting 4 weeks ago. (FYI, I'm 6'2, 220, been training for 5-6 years very intense, I'm no newbie). So after 3 weeks I really was thinking, I'm not noticing a big difference, this might be fake. So, I decided, what the hell? I might as well know for sure. So I started injecting 1cc of Test Prop and 1cc of Tren A a day (supposedly that would give me 1400mg of steroid a week). Now, if I was really taking that high dosage of Test and Tren, eating 6 big balanced meals a day... I would start to explode! Wouldn't I? I think it's fake. I don't notice any effects. Not even any negative sides like puffy nipples or anything. What do you guys think? (Also, FYI, I plan on getting another source and properly planning an AI, PCT, and everything for my next cycle. I won't be stupid anymore, so you don't have to preach thanks again).

  2. wish i had 500 biskuits to blow!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    wish i had 500 biskuits to blow!
    That's the thing, I didn't. I invested pretty much all I had into this. Bodybuilding is my passion and I was ready to take it to the next level. So I went to a guy I knew did steroids and trusted him. Now I'm screwed. Broke, and I can't even say it was worth it at all.

  4. that does suck, just cause you put syrup on it dont make it pancakes....

  5. I guess I'll just start saving and planning for a real cycle... which won't cost me that much.

  6. next time just plan a trip down south lol

  7. is this your first cycle? hows the diet?


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