ams anabolic growth kit-need some advice

  1. Question ams anabolic growth kit-need some advice

    Hello folks, i am in need of some advice. 35 yo, 5-8, 220 pounds, body fat unknown. After reaching 241 pounds i had had enough and with diet, cardio, weight lifting, and muscle pharm shred matrix and cla core I am down to 220. I used to work out moderately and as recently as 2002-2003 i was 180 pounds with much lower body fat. I also ran a cycle of androstenidione stacked with 2 other things i cant remember in 2002.

    My real question-I am thinking about running ams anabolic growth kit with arom-x for pct. Is it worth it for me to do so while still trying to lose weight/recomp. i dont mind not losing much weight as long as i recomp and my bf goes down. most of my bf is in my stomach. I now have a pretty clean diet, use whey, amino acids, and super pump max before working out. I take in about 300g protein a day and work out 4 times a week. thanks any help would be apreciated.

  2. if fat loss if your goal try switching your diet to a lean gains protocol, all anabolism can be used as fat burners if your diet is in a deficit, though AMS are generally not very strong they are often used as a base for test while using a stronger anabolic

  3. the kit could be used for a few lbs in lean gains and strength retention while in a calorie defiient if diet is right, you could easily use basic DAA for the same goals and alot cheaper. the kit itself wont increase fat loss.

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