Hello everyone

    I'm wondering if you still need to use nolvadex if you have an AI on cycle or they shouldn't be used together? thanks a lot

  2. First off what are you running?

  3. Test E 500-750 mg/week
    deca 500 mg week
    dbol 20-30 mg week
    proviron 50 mg week

  4. You can use a low dose AI during cycle but its not necessary unless you're very prone to gyno issues but always have one on hand. Always have a serm in every cycle and run it through your Pct to taper. would like to know how your cycle goes though man with what you're using. I know nolva reacts differently with certain AI I have heard.

  5. Hmmm so you are saying I should use Nolva from day 1 on cycle+pct,right?

  6. Run Nolva for PCT. Run an AI on cycle for estrogen control. Nolva can be used to get rid of gyno but there are much better options out there. Be proactive rather than reactive an use and AI on cycle to prevent estrogen relates sides. Aromasin is best at 12.5mg ED or EOD. If you do start to get a lump under your nipples switch over to letro and that will do the trick. Use Nolva for pct at 40/40/20/20 mg/day/week.


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