Test E / Deca 1st Timer

  1. Hello gentlemen, first time cycle that I'm looking to run.
    Age: 25
    Weight: 149
    Height: 5'6
    BF: 9%

    Looking for some good advice on what I should have on hand to battle side effects exactly and what doses recommended for someone my size. I have seen a lot of different cycles and dosages but looking to find out what will work for my body type as I am much smaller than the norm. Looking to really put on some pounds.

    Also please only positive and respectful feedback.


  2. This was what I was looking at

    Test E
    Week 2-12: 500mg/wk

    Week 1-10: 300mg/wk

    2 weeks after last pin

    Aromasin, HCG

    Nolva to also help control gyno sides, since I'm prone.

    Any suggestions on what I should add/drop?

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