Best first Cycle for lean muscle

  1. Best first Cycle for lean muscle

    basically im 24 and doing my research been training since i was 15 im now 89kg 5'9 12%bf

    gains in the last year were so so so hard to come by despite my best efforts

    what do you guys recommend as the ideal first cycle for lean gains considering im going into summer soon?

    From what i have read im thinking just test? but which type and at what dose 200mg x2 weekly?

    Im not looking for out of this world results just some nice lean gains

  2. Test enthanate at 500mg a week... pinning bi-weekly being Monday and tbursday 250mg with a ai of your choice adex or aromasin with some possi le hcg and pct of course.. do you have all these other things in place as well including your diet... if not then do more homework... Good Luck

  3. Thanks for the advice brother I have worked in the supp industry for 4 years now and studied nutrition which I enjoyed aswell as having trained with Dorian Yates for a promotion through a
    Supplement distribution company in which I got some fine tuning so I feel now I just need something to get to where I know I can be in years ahead

  4. you lost me at "going into summer soon." isnt summer pretty much over?

  5. I'm in aust

  6. 1 gram test prop EOD
    1 gram tren weekly
    100mg dbol ED
    50mg sdrol Ed.

    I know it's not much but you should be able to gain like 5 pounds or so

    Not serious

  7. Lol I was reading it like wtf!

  8. Take a look at the test cycle

    Cycles for Beginners!! please look!

  9. Thanks Greg


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