I've mainly been doing endurance training before, like running, walking, and whenever I was at the gym I went with light weights and keept working each exercise as long as I possibly could. Now I'm tired of looking like a twig, so a while ago I started going to the gym to build mass and strength instead. I'm 160 lbs, my goal is 210 lbs by next summer. I'm on a diet rich with unsaturated fat and protein, gaining about 2 lbs/week.

Cycle plan
14 weeks with Testosterone E and Deca durabolin.
Concidering that I'm still a light weight, how does 250 mg Testosterone E and 300 mg Deca per week sound? I'm reluctant to go too strong with the Testosterone from fear of mood swings and roid rage.
To prevent estrogen induced side effects I'm combining 10 mg Novaldex and 50 mg Clomide daily.
1 mg Propecia daily to keep my hair.

1:st week: 500 mg Test E divided in two doses
300 mg Deca
2-13 week: 250 mg Test E divided
300 mg Deca
14:th week: 125 mg Test E divided to phase out
150 mg Deca

Post Cycle Therapy: D-Aspartic acid

Feedback appreciated!