Poll: How long do you Pre load before a Cycle?

How long to you Pre Load before a cycle?

  1. How long to you Pre Load before a cycle?

    How Long do you preload your supporting supps before starting a cycle? (Cycle Assist, Liv52, Taurine, etc., etc...)

    Never Preload

    1 Week

    2 Weeks


  2. why the hell wuld you preload taurine?

    the reason behind preloading isnt to prime your organs for th cycle. its because hathorne berry gives an initial bp spike before it takes effect. so you want that spike over before you take the designer which causes another bp spike on its own

    search button would of answered this for you

  3. I appreciate the opinion, however I’ve read enough forumposts and talked with enough users that it’s a must do for me. I understand it’snot for everyone, be it financial cost, counter-productive to their end goals, timeconsuming, whatever.

    Last run I had serious back pumps and Taurine helpedmitigate those, so being that cost isn’t an issue, no harm. Additionally withliver/cycle support I experience benefits from preloading more than justHawthorne Berry; NAC is an anti-oxidant, boosts immune function and supports optimal liver function by acting as a glutathioneprecursor. Milk Thistle is both protective and detoxifying for your liver.Pantothenic Acid contributes to energy production. N-Acetyl-1-Cyesteine, Sawpalmetto, Celery Seed Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin B6, Policosanol,Zinc Gluconate, etc…

    Again, if cost isn’t an issue, Isee no harm. If a surplus is developed my body will just piss the rest out.However if I’m deficient in anything, or any of these supps in their overabundance help even a small portion to protect my liver, prostate, cellularintegrity and more can be used, well then problem solved. Good thing Ipreloaded.

    Again I appreciate the comment, soI’m guessing you’re a “No, just dive right in”?

    I can't post the links (under # of posts required) however Tunedsports.com, supplementreviews.com, steroidology.com, **********************, nutraplanet.com and published studies on NCBI.NIH.net, and researchgate.net seem to support the idea of preloading intracellular and hypotaurine, as well as liver protective supplements.

  4. And I have no idea what happened to that post - the blue font or the starred out web sites. ??

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