1. Post IT'S A CLEN LOG!....

    You saw the fuc*ing title right? It's not no ain't no girl. Only when I tuck my penis in between my legs when I shower maybe....but that's neither here nor there. NEITHER HERE NOR THERE!

    I feel excited or shall I say wired?

    This is my first time using clen so I don't really have a 'dosing plan' laid out. I'm just going to slowly ramp up the dose and learn from this experience. All you fuc*s are welcomed to join in with me. You can point and laugh (just not at my penis....I get enough of that from women), help me out, or just babble. Whateverzzzz.

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    Ketotifen Fumarate
    Bananas? We'll see.....

    Nutrition Approach:
    Nothing too fancy. Eat any clean foods I want so long as I'm reaching a caloric deficit every day. I avoid carbs before bed because I'm a BRO!

    3 day split. Push, pull, and legs. I'll be adding cardio at the end of each training session, and adding cardio in on non weight training days.

    I'm starting with a 3 day split with 30min of steady paced cardio afterward. Will slowly ramp up cardio. No specific plan as I'm going to basically do my best and fu*k the rest.

    I usually like to update daily but maybe a CLEN log won't be as exciting as a Steroid cycle? We'll see if I log every day or every other day.....I have no life so I'll probably log every day.


  3. Day 1: 25mcg Clen

    Wouldn't say it suppressed my hunger but definitely curbed it. Only made 1,200 calories. Pretty low......a little TOO low....though i guess I can kick my feet up and not train so much in the mean time. Didn't feel what others talk about....shakes....crazy energy....appetite suppressed....none of that. We'll see what higher doses can do.

  4. Day 2: 50mcg Clen

    So I feel pretty fu*king awake. Almost wired....ALMOST....but not quite there. Lets just say I had sh*t for sleep but am wide awake right now. I don't have the energy to throw a cardio session in right now ...but definitely could hang if I wanted too.'d say right now it's non existent. Though every time I think about Barbacoa I can't help but get a tad bit hungry.

    edit: Later this day I started getting VERY hungry. I think this morning was placebo or me acting crazy from too little sleep. Either the case....I'm not feeling this CLEN in the slightest. I'm jumping this sh*t up to 100mcg tomorrow.

    Hit 2,190 calories today. Tad bit over my caloric goal of 2k but I guess with yesterdays under-eating it evens out.

  5. Day 3: 100mcg Clen

    Man WTF? I know I don't got bunk why the fark am I not feeling ANY of the effects of Clen?
    Maybe I'm too much of a fat ass and need a higher dose?
    Maybe being born as a crack baby has something to do with it?

    I don't know....but either the case...tomorrow....I'm jumping this sh*t up to 175mcg.

    edit: Calories hit today was 1,600

  6. Following bro

  7. Quote Originally Posted by j05441 View Post
    Following bro

    Might not be able to follow for too long......chances are my attempts to brighten peoples days will cause me to get banned.

    tsk tsk

  8. Your out of pct right?


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