How much time after pct to do another cycle?

  1. How much time after pct to do another cycle?

    I have searched and couldn't find the answer. I have done 3 previous PH/PS cycles, but only 1 per year. I finished my 4 week pct last week and was wondering how long I have to wait until I can start another cycle. I ran 4 weeks of 10mg M1t ed and 750mg 4AD capsules ed. I did 60mg Nolva week 1 40 for the next 2 and 20 for the last week. I havent decided what I am going to run next, but I will decide soon. Thanks for all the input.

  2. i would wait atlest another 4 weeks..most people do pct+time on=time off

  3. Fighter cowboy, whislt i agree with Keiths formula for time off current advice suggests that you should run no more than 2 M1T cycles per year due to its affect on cholesterol levels.

  4. Thanks fellas for the info! That's what I was thinking would be the safest and most beneficial plan.

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