mechabol and orastanz 50

  1. mechabol and orastanz 50

    Sup guys just wanted to know if anyone took mechabol or orastanz 50 and how did it work for you?

    And how would you recommend i should run them?

  2. did you already ask about this in another thread n had a diff avi? Go back to it. I answered your question unlike some of the other douches.
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  3. I accidently deleted it.

  4. Before reading all responses?


    Basically the cycle is fine, if anything too much for a first cycle. You need to have nolva BEFORE you start your cycle. Make sure it's legit or a research chem version tamoxifen citrate.

    Make sure you have some other helper supplements in pct to maintain gains and you better have your diet nailed down already or you won't keep Jack from the cycle.

    Next time do more research BEFORE you start a cycle. Search function is your friend, there are tons of threads on here about different cycles being ran, especially first time cycles and tons of info you can just take from there and mirror instead of asking the same question 50 other people have asked.

    If you expect people to spoon feed you on here they will continue to burn you like before, make sure to do some foot work then get a final critique or something if you like...

    But you seemingly u have done no research before starting this and likely just opened a can of worms you won't know how to contain. Get your pct together asap and read, read, read.
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  5. We have a lot of reviews on mechabol. Here are a few:

    I am currently finishing up a 6 week cycle of Mechabol and Trenazone. Let me first start by saying this cycle was great! I went from 205lbs to 220lbs and i have 1 day left of this cycle. My strength is at an all time high, benched 305lbs for 9 reps. I was only benching 275 x 6 before I started this cycle.
    Over at PHF:


    Was at 100 with no results. Bumped to 150/day and it hit me. I'm on week 9 of Test E 500/week, and 3rd week of Mecha.
    As soon as I went to 150 of Mecha daily, noticed increased vascularity, more definition, muscle fullness and great pumps. I'm bulking up now, eating everything basically. The Mecha somehow I feel has not let me gain fat,I would consider Mecha a great recomp supplement.



    day 4 @ 75 and already have better pumps and vascularity. WIN

    thinking about dropping to 50. what is everyone else running it at?


    im running it at 75. im already noticing better recovery time between sets. I havent noticed crazy pumps yet but im sure that will come shortly. This seems to be a very promising compound. I am running a log if you want to check it out


    I'm a week into Mechabol, and really liking it. I feel great. I am running mine at 50mg. Better pumps, more veins showing up, libido increased a little, muscles seem fuller, and strength is up a small amount. Of the cycles I've run I have never had one hit me so quick. I've had anxiety issues and high bp my whole life, but neither have bothered me so far. I'll be adding stano-200 next week at 400mg or 600 mg

    same user


    I started out at 173-174 and tonight I weighed in at 179. I am eating 400-500 calories below maintenance. I'm a little over 2 weeks in dosing at 50 mg. Strength is up across the board. I'm getting better gains with mechabol than I did with 30 mg epi and 10 mg superdrol stack. The only negative side I have noticed is my knee's seem a little dry, but that could also be soreness due to a rapid increase in elliptical cardio sessions. Stanodrol will be added tomorrow. This has easily been the best cycle I've ever run.


    Small correction. Tomorrow actually marks 2 weeks on mechabol. Up 7 lbs.



    mecha is by far the best thing i have ever tried.. euphoric feeling is mad cool its kinda tapered away i am about two weeks in.. pumps and vascularity is intense! strength hasn't increased much yet.. but i have recomped a **** ton! i have gained 5lbs and its a solid 5 lbs. would post some pics but i dont have a high enough post count.. sorry guys.



    its definitely different than pmag. effects came on much faster. a cross between dbol and tbol sounds perfect. fullness and vascularity of tbol with the strength and alphaness of dbol.
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