HELP! Anavar Erectile Dysfunction

  1. HELP! Anavar Erectile Dysfunction

    Okay so anavar only cycle 40mg per day for 6 weeks just to tone up some for summer (bf 9% before cycle) in my late 20s.

    and yeah basically im having some issues down stairs. Im 3nhalf weeks in and desperate for some advice in order to get back on track as my relationship is suffering as my girlfriend is obviously getting frustrated.

    please no negativity, just help a brother out

  2. hey

    i'm no expert but it seems to me that if you stop the was you could get total shutdown down there, so find a solution before going off cold turkey. i'm assuming it's just ED but you have desire; if so, the cialis-type real Rx drugs are useful. if it's no libido as well - i don't know bro.

    all the best

  3. You could try Tribulus, Fadogia or Horny Goat Weed help with Libido

    It may be even a prolactin problem, inhibit p @ 2 caps/day

  4. AI Perform is an awesome product (works quick too, half hour) along with what was listed above.
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  5. thanks guys i think im goign to buy a whole bunch of everyhitng and just try fix it asap

  6. i am taking anavar and I am also taking Arimidex (.5 EOD)- if it is not to late it helps to increase your own test levels and act within a week
    You need to get your blood work done bc you could still be producing test but might have to much estrogen

  7. Thanks brother appreciate the input the situation is naturally getting better tho


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