what to take during cycle to improve LIBIDO

  1. what to take during cycle to improve LIBIDO

    my libido is about to completely be shut down. I am in week 3 of my hdrol cycle and my bodys natural testosterone production is almost at a 0 . is there anything I can take on cycle to still please the gf?

  2. Most natty test boosters also help libido. Im a big fan of DAA and tribulus. Now you might want to save DAA for the end of your cycle but tribulus really gets the pistons firing for me.

  3. thanks cc! is that alright during cycle though?

  4. 150!!!!! lol

  5. Yeah for sure you can take trib whenever and I recommend DAA for pct. teres plenty others out there but those t just the few I liked.

  6. i want to go with the daa route for pct especially because it will go real well with my pct assist by CEL cycle assist by CEL nolva 20/20/10/10 and erase but i heard you can get gyno rebound from the daa? is this true?

  7. I don't think it's potent enough to cause gyno rebound but I could be wrong

  8. You're taking erase in PCT there is not going to be any gyno rebound with DAA + erase

  9. Alright sounds good! thanks a lot guys, appreciate the help


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