Hey guys here's my stats:
35yrs old
5'7 170lbs about 10%bf

First I want to say this is an awesome forum! I enjoy reading everyone's posts about training and what supps to use. I've learned a lot just reading and doing my own research. I respect anyone who trains and works hard to achieve their goals. I haven't been on cycle in about 3yrs. Still worked out, but was training and fighting in MMA up until about 6months ago. Had to give it up due to my 4th knee surgery, along with I'm not 25 anymore. I've had 2 acl replacements and 2 scopes on the same knee. So now I'm getting back in to the other gym and want to put on some lean muscle. Thinking of the following:
Weeks 1-14---600mg EQ split Mon/Thurs
Weeks 1-14---500mg Test E split M0n/Thurs
Thinking of some Winny 50mg a day weeks 7-14
Is 14 weeks enough time for the EQ to really work good? Should I shut the test down earlier than week 14?

I've got clomid for pct--100/100/50/50
Cant seem to find a reliable source for some hcg or adex.
Any changes or adds please feel free to let me know what you think.
PM me if you want to. Any suggestions on anything is appreciated guys..thanks a lot