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  1. 11/30 morning weight: 205

    day 3 of TriMax and clen
    Clen dose: 120mcg

    Trap/shoulder workout.

    Dumbell Shrugs
    4 sets
    55x15, 70x15, 80x12, 100x12

    Upright Cable Rows
    4 sets
    70x20, 100x15, 120x15, 140x12

    Dumbell Overhead Press
    4 sets
    30x15, 40x12, 45x12, 50x10

    Dumbell Lateral Raises
    3 sets
    15x15, 15x12, 15x10

    Bent Over Cable Reverse flyes
    2 sets
    10x15, 10x15

    Then I did some cardio. I did 6mph for 30 minutes (3 miles). When I stepped off the treadmill, I noticed my face was numb, I was totally exhausted, I felt like I could eat a small village, and I was about ready to pass out.

  2. 12/1 morning weight: 204

    TriMax dose upped to 2 caps a day (4mg)
    Clen dose: 160mcg

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Nullifidian
    12/1 morning weight: 204

    TriMax dose upped to 2 caps a day (4mg)
    Clen dose: 160mcg
    gah damn, those are some high doses The fat (and possible muscle) should start melting off

  4. 12/2 morning weight: 206?!?!?!!

    I don't get it. Although, I did drink a friggin huge protein shake last night along with a nice glass of Metamucil.

  5. 12/2 workout-


    Dumbell Flat Press
    4 sets
    50x20, 75x15, 90x12, 100x10

    Dumbell Incline Press
    4 sets
    35x20, 50x12, 60x12, 70x10

    Seated Freemotion Cable Flyes
    4 sets
    60x12, 60x12, 60x12, 60x12

    Tricep Rope Pressdown
    2 sets
    60x12, 60x12

    Tricep Dumbell Kickbacks
    2 sets
    15x12, 15x10

    12/3 morning weight: 203

  6. 12/4 morning weight: 198.5

  7. 12/5 morning weight: 197

  8. 12/6 morning weight: 196

    Looks like I'm steadily losing weight.

  9. 12/7 morning weight: 195.5

  10. I had a leg workout today. I'm coming down with a cold (everyone at the office is already sick, so I got it from them). I worked out with a crazy sinus headache and a stuffed up nose that made it tough to breathe. To add to that, I felt like I was ready to just fall asleep well before I even got to the gym. So here was my leg/ab workout today:

    Leg Press:
    4 sets
    315x20, 495x15, 675x15, 765x12

    Hack Squats:
    2 sets
    225x15, 315x12

    Leg Extension:
    2 sets
    190x15, 210x12

    Dumbell Romanian Deadlift:
    4 sets
    75x20, 90x15, 100x12, 110x12

    3 sets of 20

    6 isometric sets
    30s, 20s, 10s, 15s

    As a note, those Romanian Deadlifts rule for flexibility. When I started doing them a couple weeks ago, I could barely go past my knees. Now I can place the dumbells on the floor with my knees locked!

  11. 12/8 morning weight: 194.5

  12. Been following this...finally the trimax/clen is kicking in for you! Lost around 1/2 a lb per day this week!? Keep it up bro, looking great.

  13. Actually, in 6 days, I've lost 11.5 pounds.

    Another note, I ordered 30 gauge pins, IGF1 Long R3, and 30mL of bacteriostatic water.

  14. How is the MDHT affecting you? Have you noticed any sides from it?

  15. I haven't really noticed anything from MDHT. I know that my mood is really good, even though I'm tired all the time, however I have heard the M4OHN is the likely cause of that. I haven't noticed any increased aggression. As for negative sides, none so far. In fact, I'm not even getting any more blemishes than usual (a couple here or there).

    Well, there is one negative side effect that is creeping me out. I don't know where it is from but I have two suspects. The side effect is this:

    My stools are green. When I say green, I'm talking the color of broccoli. Not even remotely brown at all. I'm talking spinach green.

    My major suspect is TriMax. My secondary suspect is that perhaps it is a liver thing, which is far more worrisome although far less likely. I'm going to look it up though.

    EDIT: Just found the culprit. One of the listed causes of green stool is "rapid colonic transit time." It's the TriMax and nothing to worry about.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Nullifidian
    Just found the culprit. One of the listed causes of green stool is "rapid colonic transit time." It's the TriMax and nothing to worry about.
    yeah, I get greenish stool after my UD2 carb loads. They smell worse too!

  17. 12/11 morning weight 192.5

    12/12 morning weight 191.5

    Sorry for the delay in updating.

    Energy has been really low lately. I'm positive it's the Trimax kicking my butt. I reduced the dose to 2mg and I'm now off clen. Monday at the gym I'll do back/biceps/forearm. I'm thinking:

    Underhand barbell rows
    Neutral Grip cable rows to lower chest (helps target the Rhomboids and builds back thickness)
    Underhand cable pulldowns

    and then I'm not sure what I'll do for biceps. Probably some lighter weight barbell curls and maybe some cable curls.

  18. How is your strength overall now that the trimax is really kickin your ass with lethargy? I'm just wondering if these doses of PH are enough to keep muscle loss at bay..

  19. Well I haven't tried going heavy lately because I don't want to mess up my elbow again. I suppose I could go heavy on squats, but that wouldn't say much because balance is my limiting factor with those.

  20. Had a back/bicep workout today. I stopped keeping track of weight after the first exercise, but it was the best workout I've had in a long while. Why? Because I stopped caring about weights and only paid attention to how the exercise felt and how each muscle was being worked. I've determined that dumbells and cables with single grip handles are best for me with bicep work because otherwise it tweaks my wrists too much to really feel like I've gotten the best workout I can get. I discovered an exercise I'll be including in all back workouts from now on but don't know what to call it. Basically it works Rhomboids and that's pretty much it; so it is essential for back thickness and more importantly posture.

    I went in pretty fired up today. I think it was mostly because of the carbs I ate. It seems I'm a lot more carb depleted than I thought. The MDHT and M4OHN were the only things giving me energy through the day lately I'm thinking. Because when I ate that wholegrain bagel and all that honeydew melon and cantelope, I immediately wanted to get to the gym because I felt like I could snap a barbell in half.

    So here's my workout, at least what I recorded of it:

    Barbell Bent-over Rows
    4 sets
    15x135, 12x155, 12x175, 10x205

    Cable Rhomboid Rows
    Instruction -
    Using a cable and a tight neutral grip, pull the grip about halfway
    Then pinch your shoulderblades together and hold for a couple second then release.
    Repeat process; range of motion is very very small.

    Underhanded Pulldowns
    I found that I hate these with a regular bar because it hurst my wrist and my back doesn't get worked well enough as a result. In the future I'll use two handles instead for a more natural and flexible grip.

    One Armed Cable curls
    2 sets each side, not sure of the weight or reps; I went to failure

    EZBar Curls
    I think the bar was 30 pounds. Stiff form to failure. 1 set

    Incline dumbell curls.
    15s. I have no idea how many reps. To failure. GREAT pump.

  21. 12/16 morning weight: 192

  22. 12/19 morning weight 192

    Friday night I went to my brother's Christmas party. I most definitely had to cheat; he didn't have anything remotely healthy to eat and there's no way I could get away with bringing something healthy to eat with me. My brother has this thing about people who don't drink alcohol at his parties: he hates them. So I had to fake it. I stood around with a beer and tipped it back now and then but sealed the top with my tongue. When no one was looking I would occasionally go to the bathroom and pour a little down the sink.

    Saturday was unfortunately another cheat day. My gf and I spent the day in the city. We had lunch at my brother's (woke up late) and spent the afternoon seeing the window displays at Macys, Lord & Taylor, and Sax Fifth Avenue. At about 3:30, we went to the IMAX and saw Polar Express in 3D. After the movie we got our stuff from my brother's apt and hopped on the train home. Didn't get home until 8:30PM.

    I was very surprised to see I hadn't gained any weight.

    In terms of side effects, I am definintely noticing an increase in blemishes lately. It also seems as though the increased aggression is kicking in. So it would seem MDHT takes about 2 weeks to truly kick in.

  23. Chest/Shoulder/Triceps today. 20 sets in 45 minutes. Once again I didn't count reps.

    Dumbell Flat Bench, 4 sets: 60, 80, 95, 110
    Cable Flyes, 2 sets: 50, 50
    Cable Crossovers, 2 sets: 50, 50
    Dumbell Overhead Press, 4 sets: 25, 30, 35, 40
    Seated Dumbell Lateral Raises, 4 sets: 15, 15, 15, 15
    Tricep Rope Pulldown, 3 sets: 30, 35, 40
    Dumbell Kickbacks 1 set: 10

  24. Upon reading some clinical data about how natural growth hormone production works, I've discovered a practice that I've been doing that needs to change. I've been drinking my protein shake immediately following my workout. This is not wise. Aparently, growth hormone levels are elevated for roughly 2 hours following a workout (nothing to do with the whole training for 45 minutes; that has to do with cortisol being released when working out for too long). Well, eating actually blunts growth hormone release! Yes, eating decreases the amount of growth hormone your body produces. That means if you eat right after your workout, you are decreasing your growth potential. Flies in the face of everythign I learned but its true.

    The thing is, post workout is when your muscles are most receptive to protein. I'd like to utilize that. So what to do, what to do. The solution for me is a compromise. I will eat exactly 1 hour after finishing my workout. This gives me an hour of heightened growth hormone production, AND it allows me to thoroughly absorb my protein.

    Oh yeah: 12/21 morning weight: 192.5

    Ended TriMax usage on Sunday. Started:

    90mg Guggulsterones (Guggulbollic by Syntrax)
    150mg 7-OH (Lean XTreme by Designer Supplements)
    3g L-Tyrosine (Now Foods)

    I'll have to call my doctor and ask if I can make an appointment for some full bloodwork following 4 weeks of PCT. I estimate my thyroid (specifically TSH levels) will take about 6-8 weeks to return to normal. As a precaution, I'll be taking my thyroid PCT for a full 8 weeks. Here's the tests I'm looking to do if I can get them covered:

    GGT (and possibly other liver values)
    Cholesterol (more concerned with HDL than total; total is worthless)

  25. Today's workout was legs. I went to the chiropractor so I didn't want to screw up his work by doing squats. So I did leg press.

    Leg Press:
    6 sets
    225, 405, 675, 765, 855, 945
    final set there was 8 reps because a trainer was counting for me. The others I don't know.

    Leg Curl:
    4 sets
    70, 110, 130, 150

    Leg Extension:
    4 sets
    130, 170, 190, 210
    Final set was 14 reps, trainer counted for me.

    I didn't like this particular workout. I felt like my muscles could have done a lot more work, but I was winded and drained of energy. The combination of lack of carbs and low TSH is downright devastating to my workouts at the moment.


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