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  1. Sorry been real busy but day 41 was chest back and tris. Didnt write down what I did but it was an alright workout I felt a little lethargic.. Macros 3010 cals 84g fat 356g carbs 182g protein
    Day 42 was shoulders and bis. Agian sorry Im not gunna log this workout either bc im in the process of moving so im real busy. The pump from the epi and hemavol together is nuts! If I have the money hemavol is definatley going to be a staple! I had a great workout. I promise to keep my log updated

  2. Day 43! felt great at the gym today. i only had about an hr so i just hit some traps and tris
    Front bb shrugs 12*225 3 sets
    back bb shrugs 12*225 12*225 12*245
    cable pushdowns overhand and underhand 12*105 3 sets each
    rope pulldowns 12*65 3 sets
    single arm tricep pushdowns overhand and underhand 12*35 3 sets each
    tricep kickbacks 12*15 3 sets
    shrugs on guided flat bench machine 12*280 3 sets 10*330
    macros 2850 cals 76g fat 350g carbs 198 g preotein

  3. Day 44 was a rest day. I moved today and went out to eat alot so I didnt even keep track of my macros. I ate a lot of good sushi. Yum! I prolly wont be able to hit the gym till sunday I might hit some cardio today but if not no biggie. Got my inhibit p today so ill prolly start dosing that at 2 caps a day until im done with pct

  4. Hey yall I know its been a minute since I updated but ive.been super busy since I moved. Not much really new to note im gunna bump the stano to 900 and the epi is still at 56. Im up about 5 lbs and got one more week left ill get back to the daily log


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