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  1. I'm two and a half in. I was running epi solo and just decided to add the stano Monday. I'm running the epi at 50mg now and the stano at 800. I'm contemplating bumping the epi to 60mg. So far it's been a good cycle, shedding bodyfat but the scale is actually up a pound. My cals are right around 2100.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by BigSWOLE25
    I'm two and a half in. I was running epi solo and just decided to add the stano Monday. I'm running the epi at 50mg now and the stano at 800. I'm contemplating bumping the epi to 60mg. So far it's been a good cycle, shedding bodyfat but the scale is actually up a pound. My cals are right around 2100.
    Nice nice man are you logging it? Id like to sub to it if you are. I bumped my stano up to 600 today and start the epi next thursday so not to much happening yet

  3. Day 8 macros 3125 cals 88g fat 394g carbs 194g protein. I need to go grocery shopping so I can up my cals

  4. Today was day 9. Leg day yes! i really just started hitting legs agian these past few months so im definatley going to be hitting some new prs! wich happened today on my squat! Also to note i picked up some NAC and ill dose that 2 times a day with my cycle assist and liver support.
    Squats 12*45 7*145 5*175 3*195 3*205
    romanian deads 12*45 7*225 3*275 3*275 7*225 7*225
    plate loaded leg press 7*225 5*270 3*360 1*405 7*270
    smith machine standing calf raises 50*90 25*135 10*180 10*200 25*135 40*90 underlined part means no rest here, drop set
    Barbelll shrugs 15*135 10*185 12*155 superset with
    hip abduction 12*75 12*85 10*95
    shrugs with guided flat bench machine 12*180 12*270 12*270
    felt great at the gym energy is on blast hoping that this hurricane doesnt effect my schedule or anything since we will prolly lose power. plan to buy lots of canned food and stuff so i can keep my cals and protein up

  5. Day 9 macros 3410 cals 89g fat 410g carbs 243g protein

  6. todays day 10 just chillen watching my irish play tonight. Game of the year! today is my day off i walked 30 minutes on the treadmill at 3.8 and an incline of 7.5 i also did 3 sets of side bends with a 45 pound plate. Nothing else to note really

  7. Day 10 macros 3025 cals 91g fat 370g of carbs 200g protein

  8. today is day 11. i am feeling great energy levels are way up and im killin it at the gym. today was chest and back. i warmed up with a 10 min walk at 3.8 and incline of 7.5
    Flat bench 12*45 12*95 10*145 8*155 8*165 8*155 12*135
    decline bench 12*135 8*155 8*155 8*135
    rear delt fly machine 12*75 10*95 10*98
    incline dumbell press 10*50 8*50 3 sets superset with
    one arm rows 10*50 3 sets
    dumbells together for flat bench 10*40 10*45*3 sets superset with
    wide grip weighted pull ups 8*25 +bw 7*30+bw 6*35+bw 3*45+bw
    reverse grip close hand pullups 7*30+bw 6*35+bw 6*35bw 3*45+bw superset with
    guided chest fly machine 12*150 10*150 3 sets
    tbar row close grip 12*70 8*90 8*100 12*70
    im in virgina and that hurricane is rolling through so i might have to take tommorow off and rest if the gyms are closed, also my macros may be a bit lower depending on things but im going to try to keep them up there. i decicded to weigh in today and i was at 142.1. scoop. ill post my macros later

  9. macros 3400 cals 121g fat 382g carbs 194g protein i ate a little crazy bc i went out to eat but no biggie i got legs tommorow depending on the weather so ill be good

  10. Nice thread so far brah. Stay safe during the storm. Looks like one helluva hurricane.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by GoGetSwole
    Nice thread so far brah. Stay safe during the storm. Looks like one helluva hurricane.
    Thanks man and yeah this storm is crazy I live on the coast of virgina so lots of flooding but my sis lives in jersey city she said its real's rowdy thr

  12. Today was day 12 leg day! my gym was closed today due to the hurricane but my boy has a squat rack and a few machines so thats really all i needed.
    Squats 12*45 12*95 12*155 8*175 8*175 8*175 12*155 12*135
    Romainan deads 15*135 12*185 12*225 4*275 12*185
    Brabell lunges 20*85 3 sets
    Standing barbell calf raises 20*135 3 sets 40*95 40*95 superset with
    shrugs with Flat bench chest machine 15*180 12*180 12*180
    back barbell shrugs 15*135 12*165 10*165 10*165 superset with
    leg extensions 15*90 15*90 10*120
    smashed my legs today. energy levels still way up i cant wait to start dosing the epi here in the next few days!!

  13. Day 12 macros 3255 cals 88g fat 410g carbs 200g protein

  14. Day 13 just another day, feeling good at the gym. I can definatley notice more veins and looking more cut. Today was shoulder/bi's/tri's
    Clean + press 12*95 4 sets
    seated dumbell press 12*45 10*50 8*50 8*50
    Standing rear delt row 12*65 12*70 12*70 superset with
    Rear delt fly machine 12*70 3sets superset with
    Smith machine behind the neck press 12*50 10*70 8*80
    Lateral raise machine 12*70 3sets
    bent over dumbell flys 12*20 3 sets
    Barbell curls 10*65 8*75 2 sets superset with
    Decline skull crushers 15*20 12*30 plus what the bar weighs 3 sets
    preacher arm curl machine 10*70 3 sets superset with
    one arm reverse grip tricep pushdowns 10*40 8*40 8*40
    one arm concentration curls 8*25 3 setssuperset with
    one arm tricep extensions 10*20 3 sets

    macros for day 13 are cals 3125 87g fats 400g carbs 190g protein

  15. day 14: today was a rest day. hit 30 minutes on the arc trainer and then did some oblique side bends with a 45 pound plate 20*45 3 sets. I start dosing the epi tommorow!! yeah buddy super stoked. ill post my macros tonight,

  16. Macros for day 14 cal2835 fat 75 carbs 364 protein 168g little low on the protein today ill step it up tommoreow

  17. Day 15 first day of epistane! Im dosing 2 caps a day right now (36mg) one when I get up at 4pm & another at 4 am each dose with the stano. One thing to note is slight headache and a lil sensitive nips. I think its just the hormones changin no worries. Today was chest and back
    Bench 15*45 10*95 7*165 3*185 3*185 2*185 7*165 pr here never put up 185 yeah buddy!
    Incline dumbell press 12*30 70*60 5*65 3*70 1*75 7*60
    Standing One arm row 10*55 3 sets
    Decline press 12*95 7*135 5*155 3*175 2*195 pr here
    Reverse grip weighted pullup 7*30 5*35 5*40 3*50 plus bodyweight on all these
    Weighted pull up 7*35 5*45 5*45 3*55
    Dumbells together incline press 10*40 6*50 5*50 3*55
    Guided chest fly machine 7*165 5*185 3*200
    Seated back row 7*130 5*145 3*165 3*170
    Rear delt fly 10*90 3 sets
    Close grip Tbar row 7*90 5*115 3*135 1*145 alot of this was superset killed it at the gym
    Macros 3455 cals 86g fat carbs 421g 224g protein

  18. Today was day 16! leg day! killed it at the gym!
    Squats 12*45 10*135 7*175 5*195 3*215 3*225 7*185 new pr here
    deadlifts 12*135 7*225 7*225 12*135 needed to work on form here.. still tryin to get it right
    Plate loaded leg press 10*180 7*270 5*320 3*365 2*415 superset with
    barbell shrugs 12*135 10*155 8*185 8*185 front and back shrugs
    Smith machine standing calf raises 50*90 30*100 20*140 15*180 20*140 30*100 40*90
    hip abduc 12*90 12*90 12*90 12*90
    barbell lunges 20*85 3 sets
    shrugs with flat bench guided machine 3 plates on each side 10 reps 3 sets

    macros 3050 cals 79g fat 410 carbs 189g protein

  19. yesterday was Day 17 nothing to really note super sore from the leg workout the other day. it was a rest day I walked on the treadmill at 3.9 and an incline of 7 for 30 min. I also did some side bends with a 40 pound dumbell 3 sets of 20 reps.
    Macros 2730 cals 76g fat 350g carbs 195g protein

  20. DAy 18 back and chest! feeling good at the gym but outside the gym im feelin a little lazy. The sensitive nips seem to be gone.
    Bench press 12*45 12*95 12*145 8*155 8*155 10*135
    Incline db press 12*50 10*50 10*50 8*50
    Reverse grip wide weighted pullups 8*30+bw 7*30+bw 8*25+bw 12bw superset with
    flat bench close grip dumbell press 12*40 8*45 7*45 8*40
    weighted close grip pull up 8*25+bw 8*25+bw 8*25+bw 10bw superset with
    Chest fly machine 10*145 3 sets
    rear delt fly machine 10*90 3 sets superset with
    one arm dumbell row 12*45 3 sets
    Close grip seated row 12*120 10*125 10*125
    Close grip tbar row 12*70 10*80 8*90
    ill update the macros laterrr

  21. Day 18 macros 2875 cals 90g fat 350 g carbs 182 g protein

  22. Day 19 today agian feeling great at the gym! Today was leg day
    Squats 12*155 8*185 8*185 8*185 12*165
    deads (still working on form) 12*135 8*185 8*185 8*185
    plate loaded leg press 15*180 12*270 10*270 10*270 15*180 super set with
    Front and back shrug 12*185 10*225 10*225
    Calf raise smith machine 40*90 30*140 15*180 15*180 25*140 40*90 super set with
    Hip abdiction 12*70 12*90 12*90
    Barbell lunge 20*90 3 sets
    Shrugs with guided flat bench machine 10*270 3 sets
    Macros 2910 cals 74g fat 357g carbs 201g protein

  23. yesterday was day 20 feeling like a beast in the gym cant wait for the epi to really start blastin. it was shoulder and arm day
    BB overhead press 12*45 10*65 7*95 5*105 5*105 3*105
    Db overhead press 12*35 7*50 5*60 5*60 3*60 7*50
    Standing face pulls 7*65 4 sets slow superset with
    rear delt fly machine 7*80 7*85 7*90 7*90
    One arm db lateral raise 10*20 4sets superset with
    Bent over db rear row 10*17.5 4 sets
    Behind the neck shoulder press on smith machine 10*50 7*90 5*100 3*110
    Reverse grip curls on ez bar 12*15+bar 3 sets 12*10+bar superset with
    Tricep pushdowns 10*105 3 sets
    Wipe grip curls on ez bar 12*20+ bar 4 sets superset with
    decline skull crushers with ez bar 12*15+bar 12*20+bar 10*20+bar
    preacher curl machine 8*60 10*50 10*40 10*30 12*15 super set with
    db skullcrushers 15*15 10*25 10*25

    Macros 3010 cals 82g fat 364g carbs 205g protein

  24. Today was day 21. its a rest day but i still went and hit some sprints on ttreadmill running for 1 min at 8.3 then walking a min ect 10 sets then did 3 sets of side bends with a 45 lb dumbell

  25. Still gettin headaches brah?

  26. Quote Originally Posted by GoGetSwole
    Still gettin headaches brah?
    Nah bruh just a few here and there, they are real dull though I think its just from lack of water. You start yet?

  27. Day 22 feeling swolled up! weighed in today at 143.1! so im up about 4 lbs yeah buddy. Today was chect/back
    Flat db press 15*25 10*45 7*65 5*75 5*80
    Inline bb press 15*45 7*135 5*155 3*165 3*165 5*135
    flat db press (close grip, dumbells together) 10*40 7*45 5*50 5*55 5*55 5*55 super set with
    Reverse grip wide weighted pull up 7*35+bw 5*40+bw 5*45+bw 12bw
    weighted close grip pull up 7*35+bw 5*45+bw 5*45+bw 10bw superset with
    pec deck slow 7*150 5*180 3*200 3*200
    rear delt fly 7*95 5*105 5*105 superset with
    one arm db row 12*40 7*50 5*60 5*60
    tbar row 7*90 5*115 3*125 3*125
    ill update macros laterr

  28. Quote Originally Posted by Shorty6890

    Nah bruh just a few here and there, they are real dull though I think its just from lack of water. You start yet?
    Nah I haven't started. Tbh I've been hearing some horror stories about bunk epi that's kinda freaked me out. You should pm me what brand you got and where you picked it up at. Glad to hear your headaches subsided, feelin any other bad sides? Sick log btw brah

  29. no other bad sides at all man but i just started the epi like 8days ago so well see here in the next week or two whatsup. Macros for yesterday were 3156 cals 82g fat 216g protein 390g carbs. It was day 23 today and legs and traps. Nothing new to really note not gunna put my exercise in today bc i dint have much time but i killed the legs, still workin on my form for deads. ill update macros later

  30. yesterdays macros 3220 cals 84g fat 415g carbs 202g protein. Today is day 24 its a rest day just posted up watching alabama lose to a&m and then watch my irish play BC tonight. Nothing really to note no sides at all except dull headaches here and there but when i get them i just start slammin more water and they subside. I think ill cut my macros down some on my off days.ill update them later


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