Sdrol/hdrol to Test/deca/hgh

  1. Sdrol/hdrol to Test/deca/hgh

    K so I recently ended a superdrol/hdrol 6 weeks bridge. I did superdrol and hdrol 3 weeks then dropped the sdrol and did hdrol for the next three weeks finished on the 7th of October. I've been taking nolvadex 20mg clomid 50mg and pct assist along with a tribulus til now and continuing. For my next cycle I want to do hgh/test/deca. In the past I have done test400 and deca but only for a month which everyone said was stupid and had amazing gains but also lost a lot. this time I wanna throw in some hgh. I intend to do a three month cycle and to make this my last cycle for at least a year or two. I want to start on this cycle this Friday I know it's really soon but is it a enormously bad idea or should I do it. I'm looking for insight from smart risk takers haha.

    Im 24 weigh 170 less then 6% body ft I really want to be just a solid 180 after my off cycle is completed.

    The test is test e and they are all injectables

  2. Did you run SD and Hdrol together for a week before dropping the SD? BTW I'd wait a while before running again. I'd say 10 weeks at least.

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