puffy nipples on test e

  1. puffy nipples on test e

    running only 250mg of test in week 6 starting to get puffy nipples. no bumps or lumps just puffiness. have letro on hand used 0.5 mg for a couple of days but because only running 250 of test don't want to lose the gains. had bad gyno when was younger don't want it coming back. will nova in pct get rid of the puffiness. thanks

  2. also about to run anavar with the cycle. first cycle so help would be appreciated thanks

  3. Puffy? Is there pain or a lump forming?
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  4. no pain or lumps just a lot puffier then normal. had a little bit of existing gyno.

  5. You could add a low dose AI to keep that under control. Not Letro, preferably a suicidal like exemestane, formestane or Erase. If it starts getting painful or growing a lump you could also add tamoxifen for a bit to knock it out.
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  6. looking at buying pes erase now. will that have any effect on the gains? and would you take it for the full cycle. cheers for your help to appreciate it. sorry just another thing how long does it take to kick in cheers

  7. Shouldn't effect gains if dosed correctly. I would only take until symptoms cease and start again if they return. Give it a week to see results.

    How are you dosing the 250 of test? If once a week, change to 2x.
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  8. running 250 one pin a week. do you mean run 250 twice a week. or space the 250 twice a week.. just purchased the erase fingers crossed it goes down so i can keep doing it. for pct after 12 weeks I'm going to run clomid and nolva. and start running var now for 5 weeks. thoughts?

  9. Break the 250 into 125 2x is what i meant but if you have enough to do 250 2x then that would be better for gains. 400-500 a week is a nice sweet spot for many.
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