Need some advice on Anastrozol or Tamoxifen during cycle??

  1. Need some advice on Anastrozol or Tamoxifen during cycle??

    Hey guys,
    Need to ask a question as I'm fairly new to all this.
    Started a cycle of test enan/cyp 3 weeks ago. around 450mg a week total.
    Problem is I got the flu or worse a week after starting the cycle so I havent been able to work out much or do much of anything. Just getting over the flu/cold.
    Now I have light gyno sensitivity and a small lump under one nipple... This has happened before but only after a longer cycle time with much higher dose in the past. One of my nipples is damn near a drug testing facility in itself.
    I have Anastrozole and also Tamoxifen. Should I start one of these during cycle? If so which one and for how long?
    I've been doing some reading and can't determine what the proper course of action is. I was a little concerned after reading the estrogen binder or the blocker might lower the immune sys and make my sickness hang around longer or return also. Don't know if that has any merit though.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Steroids weaken the immune system. I'd stick to eating clean foods, take whatever supplements you have on hand to help boost your immune system, and run Nolvadex along side your cycle. NEXT TIME....right now, since you already have a lump, I'd start introducing a A.I. as soon as you can get your hands on one.

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