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  1. 1-test/4AD/OHT Cycle

    Ok, Im 6 days into this cycle so Ive got to get this cycle thread rolling...

    Nothing too crazy, just a bunch of stuff Ive been wanting to try in combination for a very long time. Here's the lowdown:

    200mg 1-test/200mg OHT/366mg 4AD

    I have the 1-test/OHT dissolved in 8OZ of homebrew transdermal matrix, and the 4AD in another 8OZ.

    The formula for the liquid is:

    40% IPA
    12% IPM
    12% IPP
    10% OA
    10% DMSO
    6% D-Lim
    5% PG
    5% PEG400

    and 2ml of Sweet Orange oil to enhance the nice citrusy smell of the D-Limolene. (and kill the DMSO stink!)

    The 1-test/OHT goes on first, dries for a bit, and then the 4AD is applied 2x per day. Its working very well, the 1-test burns like a mother!

    Supplement stack is as follows:

    Homebrew ProLiver caps:
    200mg Milk Thistle Extract (80% Silymarin)/300mg NAC/200mg Lecithin

    1 cap 3x daily

    Homebrew GlucophageXR knockoffs:
    200mg K-R-ALA/200mg Quercetin/100mg 1% Biotin/200mg Taurine

    1 cap in the morning after a high carb breakfast, one post workout, and usually another in the evening after or after high GI carbs are consumed. I dont expect it to work as well as Sledge's product,as Im missing some of the ingredients, but so far they seem to be working very well.
    I take 500mg of VitaminC with each cap.

    15 Universal UniLiver/day

    6 SawPalmetto Extract caps/day

    5g Fish Oil/day

    1500mg Glucosamine/1500mg Chodroitin /day

    Creatine Monohydrate - 15g/day

    Taurine - 5g pre and post workout

    Rhodiola Rosea - 600mg/day

    Piracetam - 4g/day

    Lecithin - 10g/day

    ZMA at bedtime

    Potassium 99mg/day

    Using Metabolic Whey or Optimum Whey as my protien supplement, usually around 4 servings a day.

    Also taking Now 'Super Enzymes', usually one with every meal.

    Plans for PCT:
    Keep diet/nutritional supplementation the same, and add:

    Homebrew "Testicular Activator Capsules"amounting to:
    Tribulus Terresteris Extract @ 2g/day
    Avena Sativa Extract @ 1g/day
    Cordyceps @ 2g/day

    7-OXO transdermal @ 200mg/day

    Tamoxifen Citrate @ 60mg week1,40mg weeks 2&3, 20mg week4

    Keeping a strict diet log,I hit:

    4030cals day1
    4100cals day2
    3700cals day3
    4445cals day4
    3500cals day5

    And I think today Im going to come in at around 3200cals or so - past two days I had to work 11hour shifts and it was very tough to get the food down with my boss hovering around.

    Anyway, trying to stick to a 40/40/20 ratio, but this week it was closer to 35/35/30. That will be remedied by this week, and Ill bring the cals up close to 5000/day as well.

    So far, things are going great! Pumps are incredible in the gym - it seems like after I work a muscle it stays 'full' for days afterward. This week Ive gained 10lbs. That's right. 10lbs. Last sunday I weighed in at 220, today Im just barely 231. I know this is just cell volumization/water retention from the sudden increase in cals&carbs and creatine pre-loading, but I have to say its sweet to see the scale jump up that much, and the hormones havent even kicked in yet! Strength has made a small jump already...I think this is going to be a very, very good cycle.

    On another note, this is the first cycle Ive homebrewed and I freaking love it! It was a *lot* of work, but only becuase I made enough for myself, my brother, and a friend. That worked out to be 9 8Oz bottles of transdermal concoctions and about 1100 gelcaps. I just made enough to get us started, too! I still have about 500 caps to go. Man I love that cap-m-quick!

    Plus, just yesterday I got hired at a new job that Im really excited about. So my 50+ hour a week, run my ass off,crazy no-sleep schedule, pain in the ass stress engine of an old job is over right at the beginning of week3, and I go onto a steady 5 day 10am-7pm, weekends off thing. Very, *very* excited about that! Just adds to the energy...

    Also a quick shout out to all the suppliers I used:
    1fast400, Lemelange, TrueProtien, Custom, Smi2le, & DPS All kick serious ass and delivered great products expeditiously!

    Ok, off to bed...

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  2. one thing - I would go with arginine pre, taurine post workout

  3. Well, I thought of adding L-Arginine to the list, but just with the Liver Tabs and Whey shakes Im getting nearly 3g a day. I do have a bunch of it laying around...why would you go with the Arginine/Taurine combination over Taurine alone?

    Also - I have 2lbs of Taurine so I was looking for an excuse to use it!


  4. Last sunday night I weighed in at 220, Im about to go to bed and Im 233. That's pretty sweet! Pumps are awesome - just did some concentration curls in the living room and after a few sets my bi's felt like they were going to explode...

    Going to hit the gym real hard this week and up the calories - PH's should start kicking in soon.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    Well, I thought of adding L-Arginine to the list, but just with the Liver Tabs and Whey shakes Im getting nearly 3g a day. I do have a bunch of it laying around...why would you go with the Arginine/Taurine combination over Taurine alone?

    Also - I have 2lbs of Taurine so I was looking for an excuse to use it!

    fine, just a cost/benefit issue is what I had in mind

    not an issue with you I guess having a kilo to spare

  6. i would take taurine over arginine anyday..good stuff especially right before bed aat 10 grams..knocks u the **** out harder then melatonin for me...some people cant handle it tho as it can be rough on the stomach

  7. Thanks for the Taurine info wojo - didnt know it had so many other benefits.

    Did chest/tris today. Strength is up. Did calves and abs at the end of the routine and the pump just kept on going.

    Routine looked like this:

    Flat Barbell Bench:

    Flat Bench DB Flyes

    Incline DB

    Incline DB Flyes

    Dips (bodyweight - couldnt find the chain)



    I think Ill be over 300# for reps on the flat bench by the end of this. That would be sweet!


  8. Had 6 hours of sleep in 2 days because of work, and my god do I feel like absolute ****. Its like every cell in my body is *screaming* for rest. Had a good shoulder/bicep workout yesterday with increased strength gains and massive pumps. After 4 sets of clean and presses got hit with some intense and painful backpumps. Im not sure if this is from the androgens or doing legs a few days before, but it hurt like a bastard. Could have been from a lot of working out and no sleep.

    After a grueling 10 hour shift at work, I came home and crashed for 4 hours. Totally exhausted. Im up 15lbs in 10days (now at 235).

    Even at 4000 - 4500 calories a day, I havent gained any fat. The OHT is really mediating the 4AD sides,as I havent got any itchy nips or excessive water retention. Physical exhuastion aside, I feel great. Upping the cals starting tomorrow...shooting for 245lbs by cycle's end.

    I am definately going to stock up on these compounds!


  9. Today is good. Had a good Tricep workout this morning, and Ive been a big plate of Turkey and sweet potatoes every 2 hours My diet got messed up earlier this week,and for two days I havent gained any weight. At one point I was at 237, but you could tell there was some water weight - I looked quite smoothed over. Now, at 235, I think I look a little leaner then when I started 11 days ago. 17 days left, and Im hitting 4800 cals every day no matter what happens. I think I can make it to 245. Here's a couple pics taken last night:

  10. Out of curiosity I checked my BP about an hour and a half after I applied the transdermals. It was high, around 138/79,with a pulse of 80. Usually my blood pressure is 118/60 with a pulse of about 65.

    Anyone know if this is normal? Im assuming it's spiking because after about 2 hours, the androgens would be at a peak in my system after the transdermal application.

    Im going to start throwing in some cardio, 20min 3x a week. Right now I just do 5 minutes pre-workout.

  11. I ate Thanksgiving leftovers and slept all day long. I think it did me some good, Im just shy of 240. This is nuts! Nearly 20lbs in 12 days from a transdermal? I really dont look any fatter then when I started, either. Diet has been relatively clean with a lot of oatmeal, brown rice, lean meats, whey, etc. I think those homebrew K-R-ALA caps are doing their job very well, and if that's the case then a big shout out to Sledge - Ill be buying the real stuff next time around.

    Just checked my BP again - 134/80 with a pulse of 80. Nothing too alarming, but definately higher than normal. I guess its to be expected but I still dont like it - Im thinking of trying Twinlab Bloodpressure Control, I hear it works very well. I did a search on PubMed, and its main ingredient - C12 peptide - worked well in scientific studies to reduce blood pressure.


  12. i believe taurine also helps lower such a me tinking of using a oht/4ad mix for the previously abandoned m1t cycle

  13. bro I am definately loving the Taurine! I have to say the OHT is working very well in synergy with the 1test/4AD. Ive got NO estrogen sides so far at all. Don't feel bloated, no puffy nips, etc. And I did get all that on just 1test/4AD. I also dont have any 1-test lethargy. I did notice that my sex drive was a bit more 'insane' on 4AD alone, but its still noticeably up.

    Im also a lot harder, and have put on less fat then on my previous T1 cycle.

    Im thinking a 4AD/OHT transdermal for cutting in a 1:1 ratio might work really well. Or better yet - OHT/test base!

    Better stock up now before its gone forever...


  14. Just got back from doing legs. 5 sets of squats and my lower back was killing me! Now I know what all you M1T guys are talking about, this sucks! I could hardly walk. It would subside after 10minutes or so, but I felt like my workout was effective, although limited because of it. Taurine is supposed to help with that but it obviously isnt, because Im taking 10g/day. Maybe I should be supplementing more potassium? I took 200mg as soon as I got home and now (about 15 minutes later), the back pump is gone. Ill try taking some K before I go to the gym tomorrow for back day.


  15. the back prob is what stopped me from following through on m1t this time..tried to do deads and i wasnt sure if it was a strain or the m1t..i previously pulled something back there a month or 2 back..but im pretty sure it was the m1t..we shall see

  16. Yeah I hear you - its pretty debilitating. I didnt have this problem on my T1 cycle. Either its the OHT combined with 1-test, or Im getting more 1-test in my system then I anticipated.

    Its not as bad as what Ive heard M1T users describe - and its not constant - only seems to flare up when I have a lot of weight pushing down on my back.

    Thinking I might halt the cycle after the 3rd week if I hit my mass goal. Id like to get my BP down to normal and get through leg day without having to sit down after every set.


  17. Another thing I have to mention is that all my previous joint/tendon issues have cleared up. I had a finicky right knee, and was plagued with rotator cuffs problems and was recovering from a torn chest tendon for most of this past year. Stress made matter worse, but managed to heal up pretty good with some lingering issues.

    Well, two weeks in and my body feels brand new - either the anabolics helped heal things up proper or they're masking them. I guess Ill know for sure after PCT.

    Pumps are just getting better and harder every day - just did a few sets of concentration curls/kick backs and the XL T-shirt Im wearing is tight around my arms...sweet!

    4800 cals today, its 4:30 in the damn morning and Ive stayed up just so I could get the food down.


  18. Past two days its been rough to get the food in, but I havent been able to hit the gym either and my weight has stayed the same. Im now at a stable 240.

    Noticed my nipples getting a bit sore, I had some 50mg Formastane caps laying around so I took a couple. The OHT is working great to control estrogen, but it seems to have a shorter half life then that 4AD.

  19. The 100mg of Formastane did the trick.

    Also have Twinlab Blood Pressure control on order from 1fast, Ive heard good things about using this to control BP while on cycle. We'll see if it works!


  20. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    The 100mg of Formastane did the trick.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    The 100mg of Formastane did the trick.
    Yeah, formastene worked well for me too.

    Great cycle man. I'm interested in seeing how much of your gains you keep during PCT.

  22. Thanks goal is to keep at least 10lbs.


  23. Ok - work is getting to be a pain in the ass. The three biggest parts to gaining muscle are diet/training/rest and its like on any given workday, I can only get in 2/3 or the triangle. For instance, I wanted to ensure I got a full 8hrs of sleep, but then I only had 40min at the gym and I had to cram all my food in at work. Im not going to hit my caloric goal today, but Ill still be well over maitenence.

    The gains on this cycle so far are very impressive. Pumps arent just great, they're *insane*. For instance, with my limited time today I chose to work on back width, so I started with 5 sets of wide grip chins, then moved to Pull Down drop sets until I burned out. A 2 minute break, then 4 sets of wide grip lat pressdowns. My lats were so pumped up, I couldnt touch my sides with my wrists if I tried. It was crazy!!

    Even my forearms and bi's were nearly bursting through my skin.

    I think I'm retaining an awful lot of water - my hands felt really tight when I made a fist and my theory is that the water retention was contributing to the painful back pumps. So, I took some more formasin in an effort to drop some water.

    Fingers look thinner, back pumps are gone,I dont feel bloated, and Im still 240lbs! If I go over 245 this week I think Im going to end the cycle early. I can always take a 6 week break and hit it up again in Janurary. Ill have a new job with a steady schedule and less hours, should be easier to run the cycle perfectly. I get really frustrated when something Ive been planning for months gets foobared because of silly things like work

    My arms, flexed but unpumped, are a full 18.5". That's a little more then a .5" gain in less then 3 weeks! As you can see from my pics, Im carrying a fair amount of bulking chunk, but If I can get the guns around 19" I should have at least a good pair of ripped 17.5 - 18's when all is said and done!


  24. Damn - I just went to the doctor's office to get some medication for an eye infection that flared up. The nurse went to put the blood pressure cuff on me and I started to panic. I had it in my head they'd see my high BP and start asking about steroid use. (I have an overactive imagination and always freak out at the doctor's office). Anyway, BP reading came in at 160/90 with a pulse of 100! Just checked it at home and its 140/80 with a pulse of 80, but that's still quite a bit higher than normal. Maybe the sudden jump in weight is contributing to that.

    I also weighed in at 242 on the doc's scale. Im debating ending the cycle now. Even if I drop half the weight I gained it will still be a successful endeavor. I can always do another 2-3 weeks in January.

    I was expecting a 10-15 lb gain over the whole 4-weeks. Here I am 22lbs heavier after 2 weeks. Im quite a bit stronger as well. Its kind of wierd.


  25. Strength is up considerably - hit 245x12 on Bent Over Rows today, that's a personal best. Did part of my chest workout after that, and 305 went up pretty easy.

    If I could be doing anything better on this cycle, it would definately be training. Im focusing hard on diet, and hitting the weights only about 75% as much as I know I should. I just dont have the time. To make up for it, I try to make my workouts as intense as possible and really work my target muscle groups to their fullest. Im up a solid 20lbs, so it seems to be working. But I know I could do better, so its frustrating.

    I have been eating very clean, keeping my carbs limited to low GI sources with the exception of a few glasses of cranberry juice here and there. Fat gain so far has been minimal.

    Im concerned about the high blood pressure, but the Twinlab Blood Pressure control should be here tomorrow. Looking foward to seeing if it works as claimed.



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