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  1. yea but then look at the end he decides to use Nolvadex so I guess it really isn't too bad

  2. Yeah, I guess you're right. Still its disconcerting though. I'd like to be as safe as possible...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    Could just be from the hormone fluctuations in your body, but everybody responds different. I highly doubt you'd see anything related to gyno at the dose of 4AD you're taking Syr (200mg, right?). Unless you were very prone to estrogen related sides. As long as you've got Nolva on hand, you should be fine.

    250mg and 125mg oht. 1-Test amount is not perfectly dosed (the pump got broken so i'm dosing it opening the pump tube), but is around 225-250.
    I think is normal adipose tissue, like around my waist. Anyway I have Nolva on hand but without real syntoms i'm not going to start it. In less than two weeks I'll lower the doses and add Superdrol to my current stack and I plan to delay Nolva to the PCT.
    Moreover the fact that Formestane didnt change a thing on my eye, make me think that its just normal fat.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    You know, Im a bit concerned about liver toxicity and Nolvadex.
    Yes Nolva is hard on the liver, i knew this. But Clomid has so much more sides (some can be irreversible) that overall Nolva is a better choice.
    And liver protectants are always a must
    I dont think that something like 6oxo + Formestane is enough after a suppressing cycle like ours.

  5. I ran 6-OXO @ 300mg/day (1st 2 weeks) and Nolva @ 20mg/day (All 4 weeks) after my T1 cycle, my 1test and 4AD dosages were the same. Had a great recovery.

    Ive just ordered 3g of 6-OXO from Custom and it shipped already (bless his soul!), and Ill add it to my 7-OXO brew. That should give me 100mg 6-OXO and 200mg 7-OXO per day. I will drop the Nolva down to 20mg/day (1mL) as soon as the 6-OXO arrives.

    I do have clomid on hand, but like you said it has some undesireable sides and I dont really want to mess with those.

    Im sure with the liver protectants and the short cycle I really dont have anything to worry about, but I always over-react when it comes to health concerns - just look how I freaked out over my blood pressure earlier in this thread


  6. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    I always over-react when it comes to health concerns
    Me too! I always try to find the safest way to take something. I prefer to spend more but be safer.

  7. Well, the 3g of 6-OXO should be here tomorrow. 100mg trans for a week + 20mg Nolva will be the remainder of my PCT.

    I feel like absolute **** today. Absolute ****. I only got 3 hours of sleep last night, and If Ive noticed anything on this cycle its that if I dont get my sleep in I pay for it hard the next day. Didnt even try to go and do legs, I got tired just walking around the mall!

    Im thirsty as all hell, cant seem to drink enough water. I think I may drop the Creatine now, stay off for 3 weeks and then kick it back in again after PCT.

    Libido is still very good, if it stays up its definately a plus for the Trib/Avena/Cordyceps caps.

    Off to bed...


  8. Whew, 8 hours of sleep and Im feelin' fine

    I had thought that I was thirsty - but its more of a cottonmouth feeling. I dont have any signs of being dehydrated, and Ive dropped a load of water weight over the past week...Could be a side effect of the tribulus blend I made. Its the only thing that Ive added other than the 7-OXO.


  9. WHOA DUDE, dont hurt your self !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6 min. on the elliptical bike is way over doing it!!!!!

    SLOW DOWN or suffer the consequences!!!

  10. You'd better watch it bro or Ill come and beat that ass in 6 minute spurts!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    You'd better watch it bro or Ill come and beat that ass in 6 minute spurts!
    I don't want anything to do with your "spurts"

  12. With all that 4AD cyp in your system I bet you gave it a thought.

    Just kidding man - how is that cycle going?

  13. Leg day today.

    5 sets of squats, 3 sets STDL's, 3 sets of Standing Calf presses

    Followed by some abs and...


    Strength is up. Not a lot, but its defiantely up.

    BW is now 242


  14. I am compiling it all together, for a 10 day recap,
    I am up12-15 lbs alot of bloat,233, i dropped death1T(M1T), 2 days ago, because my pumps were mind numbing, I seriously considered why i lifted at all it was so painful.
    maybe cause i was taking it with GF juice.(only 10mg ed)
    Also I started my nolva last night 10mg ed,because I was getting VERY EMOTIONAL, i was thinking of my ex, just sliding off in a hole, took the nolva, dropped the M1T, I am good as new. damn that sucked.
    The 1Test cyp hasnt kicked in yet.
    I am a walking pin cushin, I am pricking myself with many pains allover.
    I ll post ill my #s on a new thread, heres a few to wet your app.
    315 bent over good mornings x 8
    bench 300 3x3 easy, 6 days ago,
    I hurt my elbow so i am taking it easy for a week,(sucks)
    other than that my bp is up and my ankles are swelling a little,weird start for my first 10 weeker.

  15. other than that my bp is up and my ankles are swelling a little,weird start for my first 10 weeker.
    Definately look into some Twinlab Blood Pressure Control and/or Hawthorn BP was elevated nearly 20 mm/Hg, and pule 20bpm for almost 2 weeks and it brought it under control within 5 days. High BP is bad -If its already elevated imagine what its at when youve got 400lbs across your back and you're in the hole...

    For the ankle swelling, maybe try some dandelion root, or compression socks. I had that too at the end of the cycle...damn bloat. When it starts pooling in your lower legs you know there's too much.

    Numbers look good man! Good luck with the rest of it!


  16. Man I feel like crap today. This is definately the PCT crash...last PH cycle it only lasted a day or two...hopefully the same here...

  17. listen , i tried something last night and i think there is something to it,

    Instead of cramming food down and supps, on one of my breaks i opted for the cup of JO
    and skipped all the rations,
    I also did the same b4 bed, no raw egg slurry,nor any supps, nothin, maybe alittle water, slept 8-9 hrs, feel like a million bucks,

    so i know there is something to just laying off the big eating and supps,all them damn chemicals,for a day or 2,
    your not going to lose muscle if you at least hit maintenance cals. and prot.

  18. Im totally with you on that bro...I definately need a day off from the constant intake of food and supplements. And the SLEEP is definately key - some days on cycle Id only get 2 hours of sleep and I literally felt like I was going to die the next day. I could barely stand up.

    I would say a day off from the regimen a week would be very beneficial.

    opted for the cup of JO
    Jo as in coffee?


  19. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    Im totally with you on that bro...I definately need a day off from the constant intake of food and supplements. And the SLEEP is definately key - some days on cycle Id only get 2 hours of sleep and I literally felt like I was going to die the next day. I could barely stand up.
    Sleep is the key! 2h is crazy!
    Drink a lot of tea and (real) fruit juice in place of water and u will feel better.

    Merry Christmas!

  20. Thanks bro! Yeah, at my old job it was nuts...Id get out of work at 1am and have to be back at 8am sometimes. By the time I got showered, and finally wound down it would be 5 in the morning.

    Glad that's over!!


  21. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    Jo as in coffee?


    well half coffee half hot choc.
    that was quite a switch from more than a fistfull of chicken or meat like normal.

    i really dont know where in the hell "JO" came from, just sounded good att the time.

  22. Here's another pic 2 weeks into PCT, Ive definately added some thickness...

    Seem to be holding steady at ~240 - 242. I dont think the weight is going anywhere. I increase cals if I start to drop, and then pull back if I start noticing any excess fat gain.

    Attached Images Attached Images  

  23. Nice. Good for you bro

  24. 3.5 weeks into PCT, gnads are feeling nearly 100%. Strength is up, BW still around 240lbs. Libido is good, but sex drive still feels a bit suppressed.

    I checked my blood pressure last night and got a couple readings of 149/52!! I figure I'd be passing out when I stood up if my diastolic was really that low. My monitor has been giving me a lot of errors lately, and I had 3 consistant readings of 118/59 after that.


  25. Just an update -

    Two weeks out of PCT, 240 is here to stay Strength is still up, although I dont have the endurance I did on cycle. Sex drive was lacking, so I doubled the dose of my homebrew trib mix and DAMN! Actually had to stop taking it...I wasnt getting anything done! Very excited that it worked as planned though, just needed a ton of it to see the effects I was looking fo.

    I fu*king love 1-test. 30lb total gain in 4 weeks, kept 20. Now THAT's an effective product! Too bad its scheduled in about 2 hours

    Past week or so Ive been slacking a little, taking a little break before I start cutting next month. Very excited to see all my abs again Planning on doing an all-natural 12 week cutter, with a couple of things I wanted to experiment with to boost natty test/GH levels just for the hell of it. When the bodyfat gets to where I want it, Ill hold onto that for a while and then Im planning a strictly lean bulk with 1-test/boldenone. That's a ways off, however.


  26. Another thing I'd like to mention - nearly all nagging problems I was having with my joints are gone. Knee feels fine (although it starts to bug me if I dont work legs every week), shoulders are solid, elbow is in good working order even though my lying tricep extension is up about 20lbs.

    Its 2/1/05 and Im still cruisin' at 240, look to have dropped a bit of BF and I feel SO much better since Ive starting upping cardiovascular training. Ive got to put together a strict cutting diet (pretty much eating maintenence right now and not tracking anything)

    Im planning on homebrewing a little something for the next 12 week cutter, which will be extraneous hormone-free. A GH-releaser/thermogenic. Ill get a new log going if I start seeing results.


  27. Hey dude, just thought I'd chime in for your benefit... Ambien is your friend on cycle... That sleep thing is a real bitch, ambien solves it quite nicely. Also I avoid taking caffiene while on, anything in addition to the gear just puts you too far over the top.

  28. Thanks ExNihilo Ill have to give that a try. Sleep didnt seem to be an issue with the anabolics I was one (average dose of 1test/4AD) - it was switching life styles that was killing me. Im getting tired and going to bed around 1am now, and feeling good all day. It took about 6 weeks for my body to get a good sleep rhythm back after years of being a night owl.


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