Erase or Forma-Stanzol for on-cycle gyno prevention?

  1. Erase or Forma-Stanzol for on-cycle gyno prevention?

    Hello, I am planning a cycle of Dieselbolan v2 (1st time with this compound) at 3x/day for 30 days. I will be running this alongside my TRT dosage of 200mg/week. Which OTC AI would you recommend for on-cycle gyno prevention? At what dosage?My Dr. does not have me on an AI for TRT but thought one might be neccessary since Diesel can aromatize too. Thanks for any and all help/advice.

  2. I love Erase. One of my favorite supplements to take in all honesty. I am very prone to gyno and Erase has always helped me keep it from flaring up. Not a fan of Forma-Stanz.

  3. Both work great.
    Erase dries me out really fast though (good) and the dosage is adjustable.
    You could start at 50mg (2 caps) to see how it feels. Adjust to 75 if necessary. I use Erase Pro because I have determined my sweet spot to be 75mg (1 cap).
    Also Erase is cheaper.
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