Phs and rc chems on a plane?

  1. Phs and rc chems on a plane?

    Going on vaca and was wondering if anyone has or if anyone knows I could take my ph or rc chemicals on a plane in my suitcase not my carry on

  2. not really sure but i just went cross country twice on southwest and had clomid n nolva in my rolled up socks haha..... just dont have it on you, you gotta put it on your luggage.. and not carry on luggage

  3. Okay cool man thats what im flyin so thats good to hear. I mean rc chems arnt illegal right?

  4. Could always just rip the label off and put em in with toiletries and stuff they're artificial coloring will throw people off even if they checked. I don't think its possible for them to check what it is. Say its your girlfriends nail polish remover. Then have em smell it lol

  5. haha yeah that would work smells just like it. what about via mail? if i wanted to avoid the whole plane thing could i just send em to where im going? sending prohormones and rc chems thru mail? god or bad idea?

  6. oh yea deffinitly just mail em to where you're going.... Use USPS and you are set no worries

  7. Alright thanks Drolly ill just go that route then

  8. sounds good just put it in a little shipping box and buy the cheap ass foam or the wrapping paper and your set, ive done it manyyyy times

  9. Alright good looks man I appreciate the help


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