bloodwork hdrol

  1. bloodwork hdrol

    Hdrol 75/75/75/75/75...PCT Nolva 20/10/10 I am on my 3rd week pct got some bloodwork done will be getting more in about a month... Low T level....Any suggestions maybe upping nolva? Name:  bwork.jpg
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  2. subbed for info..

    what else is your pct aside from nolva?
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  3. Was taking 3G daa for first two weeks, starting getting kidney pains a little, creatinine levels were high on bloods also... Fish oil, multi, 2 erase Ed..

  4. keep using the DAA. Add in mucuna and toco-8 to help kick up your pct

  5. I'm starting daa 3G a day again also some cranberry pills to get my kidney numbers down along with an increase in water intake.... Looking into toco 8



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