Test Prop, Tren Ace, Winnie (Oral) and Labs

  1. Test Prop, Tren Ace, Winnie (Oral) and Labs

    Been reading on here and getting some real good info for a several months but this is my first post.

    I'm posting up my cycle and lab results because i think it will be informative, and i guess to get feedback if you notice anything noteworthy.

    Below is the cycle I started on July 10 and just now finished.

    1-7 Test Prop 50 ED (350/wk)
    8-12 Test Prop 55 ED (385/wk)
    7-11 Tren Ace 40-50mg ED split in 2 doses/d (280-350/wk), ended this a few days early to help htpa recovery
    8-11 Win Oral 40-60mg split in 3 doses/d (280-420/wk), ran out a wk early which sucks.

    3-12 hCG 146iu EOD (500/wk)
    1-6 Nolv 4-8mg ED as needed to reduce weird feeling in nips
    7-12 Aromasin 10-15mg occasionally as needed when nips start feeling weird
    6-12 Prami 0.25 ED at night
    5-12 Milk Thistle
    DHA/EPA Omega 3s 1500-2250mg ED for several years

    13-15 hCG 250iu ED (3 wks)
    13-16 Aromasin 20mg ED (4 wks)
    13-18 Nolva 20mg ED (6 wks)

    5' 7.5"
    Below 10% BF (my whole life)
    47 yrs

    142 lbs at beginning of cycle
    150 lbs (at the moment) w/ less bf than when i started
    Gained about 8 lbs so far and lost a little body fat, so probably gained a good 10 lbs of muscle.

    Labs were done in the middle of week 8.

    *T Total 5082 (250-1100) so 2/3 of my gear is bound up!
    *T Free 2257 (35-155)
    *E2 40 (<39.8g)
    *Progesterone 1.1 (<0.8)
    *FSH <0.3 (1-10) below detection level
    *LH <0.1 (2-9) below detection level
    PSA 0.4 (0-4)
    TSH 2.018 (0.350-5.50)
    *T4 4.9 (4.5-12.0) low-normal, same as usual
    T3 33.6 (23-36)
    RBC, hemoglobin, hemocrit all normal
    *WBC, ABS Monocytes, ABS SEGS all slightly high
    *Lyphocytes 18.2 (20-40) slightly low
    LDL 68 (<100) improved on cycle
    *HDL 20 (>40), very low; worsened on cycle; mine is usually 38

    Insomnia was terrible from day #1. That slightly improved once i started winstrol, melatonin, occasional klonopin, and eating more at night and in the middle of the night.

    I did not have sweats at all.

    Blood pressure was all over the place. Sometimes it would be the normal 108/68 and then hours later it would be 132/84, which is super high for me. It became more consistent and moderate at near 120/72 once i started the Tren and Winnie. I figure it was the winnie that was helping the bp due to estrogen control. It went up and stayed up near 130 when i ran out of winnie at the end of my cycle.

    Mentally libido might have increased slightly when on t prop only, and i had MAJOR night wood all night and vivid sex dreams at first but during the day i was kinda wired and had slight trouble getting erections. Mentally libido increased a great deal once i started the tren and winnie but erections were a little soft at times and a little more difficult to achieve especially during the day.

    I am pleased with the strength and lean mass gains. At times the gains were astonishing on tren. There might have been a plateau at about week 10 w/ mass but less-so with strength.

    I feel like the winnie really helped with the test/estrogen and tren sides. Things kinda fell apart when i ran out but that was real near the end of long cycle so no big loss. Just proved to me that i do not want to run a cycle without it or something like it. And really would need something like it the whole time, not just at the end.

    Not my first cycle but the first one since the late 80's, so the first in about 25 yrs.


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  2. Good post are you gonna get more done later?

  3. Thanks. Yeah I'll get labs done again about 8 wks from now. Which will be two wks after pct is finished.

    This time insurance will cover it cuz it'll be part of my annual physical. I timed it that way on purpose so I could have a freebie after this cycle and have sound mind after the cycle.

    The labs above I did anonymously at a walk-in lab and I had to pay for myself, $400. I'm not going to do that every time but I felt that at least once knowing what is really going on mid-cycle would be beneficial info. And it was. Prior to that all I could do was speculate about my levels and could not make good choices regarding ancillaries or their dosages. There could have also been something serious going on I didn't know about, which would likely happen again with each cycle, and there would be no way I could feel good about future cycles not knowing.

    The main reason I posted this up is because examples of on cycle blood are extremely rare but something we all speculate about and need to know.

    So one said anything so I was beginning to wonder if posting it was just a waste of time. So thanks again for commenting.

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