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    Thinking about this. 6weeks. Kinda expensive and is 1cc per week ideal? Really just looking for feedback on whether or not its a decent standalone. Thanks

  2. I love a low dose test cycle. You can get great gains by test alone if your put the effort into the gym and diet properly. I have used Test C alone at 200 mg a week and gotten slow steady gains. I emphasize slow. Two things worry me though: one is the cycle length 6 weeks is not very long in my opinion. Keep in mind though I am not you, or a doctor and that is exactly what I stated my opionion. That being said, the other thing that worries me is it being a test blend. Only shooting 250 mg of a blend is alot of ester weight. If it were me I would go for test e or c at 200-250 and go for 12-16.

  3. Thats what ive been reading, that its best to go with test not blend. Can only afford a 6 week cycle with pct. ****s expensive maybe ill just wait till i save enough for a 10 week cycle

  4. Do what you feel comfortable with bro I will say though in the states you should be paying no more than $100 a btl for Test average is 80-100. Dig deep and odds are someone in your local gym will push you in the right direction.
    Hit me up if you need any advice.

  5. Thank you good sir!



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