Super Freak by GEARED UP. need help here people

  1. Super Freak by GEARED UP. need help here people

    so this is what i have

    *SUPER FREAK by Geared UP Nutrition
    *A-HD by BPI Sports
    *LIVER X by MRM

    I'm 28 this will be my first cycle ever. been working out a year consistently 5 days a week.
    is this all i need or more?? My friend who works at a nutrition store suggested this. hes in great shape been that way for years now, i noticed quit the difference in his body after using this. he kept a lot of his gains, but anyway this is what he said he used. ive been researching it, and managed to confused the hell out of myself. i was going to start my cycle tomorrow but f*** that. this is the only body i have..........for now.
    don't plan on messing that up, so here i am asking for all of you alls help.

    he said to take the LIVER X at the end of the second week. but that doesn't seem right from what I've been reading. looks like im suppose to take that from beginning to end, again that's why im here.

    i know SUPER FREAK is looked down upon, but i cant take it back now, i already opened it. sigh stupid impulses will be the death of me.
    i also wanted to know, can i take sleeping pills with this??

  2. Hey man I will shoot you straight. I don't know alot about super freak. I can tell you that if it's methylated you need liver support and I would start it immediately. Preferably do a pre loading phase. I don't think you would have a problem with sleeping pills. I do not recomend drinking while on methylated ph's (if it's methylated). As for you only have one body and being safe you have to keep in mind that no gear is completely safe. Some people have worse sides than others it's all about genetics and dosing to an extent. I would say roll with it bc you only live once. Make sure to have a solid pct. Do your research and stay away from nutrition stores for a solid pct. Good luck on cycle!

  3. just wanted to say thanks on the advice. And yea im going to do a pre loading phase, better safe than sorry. right. Oh i asked about the sleeping pills because i use them to keep a steady sleep cycle. so im not awake at, 5am like now lol.

  4. It's all good man I take stuff to aid sleep as well! You will have a great cycle. Train hard and eat right.

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