how should i use my tren ace and npp

  1. how should i use my tren ace and npp

    hey dilema here this is my 5th cycle and have used test p tren a npp bdol var and eq, basically i have 2 cycles in mind using test p tren a and npp

    cycle one
    weeks 1 - 9 150mg test p eod
    weeks 1 - 8 75mg tren ace eod
    weeks 1 - 8 100mg npp eod

    caber on hand and letro if needed

    cycle 2
    weeks 1 - 14 150mg test p eod
    weeks 1 - 6 200mg npp eod
    weeks 6 - 12 75 - 100mg tren ace

    the third cycle is the second oen with the npp and tren swapped

    will be on 3500 - 4000 cals a day whilst on cycle and pct any feed back on the cycle n which way round its would be best done would be appreciated


  2. I'd run the second one.

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