Hdrol/11 Sterone Stack dosing ???'s

  1. Cool Hdrol/11 Sterone Stack dosing ???'s

    Quick question, looking for a quick answer. Not looking to get ripped apart here. Did my research, and am quite comfy with my cycle. I just have one thing that is bothering me. I am dosing the hdrol at breakfast and dinner, as well as the 11 sterone. Then dosing my Cycle assist at lunch, and with a pre bedtime snack. The 11 sterone has a much shorter half life than the hdrol, and I should be dosing it throughout the day, but not within 4 hours of the Cycle assist. Soooo, what is the best plan of action to get around this and still get the most out of the 11 sterone? Any help/advice/shared experience would be greatly appreciated.

    Just because I know people will ask (although it doesn't pertain to my question lol):

    Yes I am over 21 years old (32 to be exact)
    Yes I have a SERM for PCT Nolva 20/20/10/10
    Yes I have a Natty test boost for PCT
    Yes I have been lifting for 3 years
    Yes I have done my research
    Yes I have my diet dialed in
    Yes I am taking multis, fish oils, taurine, etc.
    Yes I can quote pi up to two decimals (3.14)

  2. Really?? Nothing??

  3. So, does no one have an answer? Or is it the joking? I just wanted to stop from getting ripped apart without getting my question answered.

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