Ultradrol/Mechabol cycle log!

  1. Post Ultradrol/Mechabol cycle log!

    Hey whatsup people

    Im doing my first log of a 3.5 weeks if im feeling bad ass might go 4 weeks cycle, first 2.5 weeks ultra 1 week mecha for a more mild finish, also gonna be taking L-leucine twice daily which has worked wonders for me.!
    Im only doing it for this lengh of time because i react very well to this sort of stuff and with already having good genetics get quick gains, im doing ultra first because what takes 2 weeks for other Proh's to kick in only takes ultra 1 and that cuts 1 week off the cycle which is good because the 4th-5th week is where the bad **** happens and at age 21 i dont want that, and i dont wanna go limp dick on my holidays

    Ive preloaded on liver protection and dandelion tea, Running the cycle Ultra 7 days 8, 15 days 12,mech 7 days 75 with milk thistle, liver protect and dandelion tea 4 hours apart from dosage, + other foods and juices known for cleansing the liver, Diet is 100% clean all a wide variety of wholefoods, i got clom at hand and an anti E will run clom if i got sides and after im not expecting any sides besides pure agression i dont think my libido could get any higher lol

    My goal, im happy with my shape and size atm im not out to get huge, just want to get in top shape, got a trip to Colombia coming up in 2 months so wanna get abs and obliques solid, thick legs, bigger chest since recovering from injury and overall tone, im big on calisthenics i wanna beat my PB's by 20-30%, pullups 70, dip bars 240, pushups 350, im a 100m sprinter and soccer season has finished so its time to put muscle back on now im not at 6 hours cardio a week, i'll post my sprint times and verticle leaps too!

    Height 5'10
    Weight 81kg, 182lbs
    Body fat, i measure really low all over and stomache has dropped from 11% to %7 since cutting out all wheat and sugar i wanna get to 4%
    Nationality, Australian\German\Brazillian

    If you wanna know my diet or ruitene im happy to post it up

    I'll take before shots tommorow and update them last 2 weeks along with measurments.

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  3. I'm in, interested to see not only these compounds together but how they work for your calisthenic/sprint goals, don't see many logs like that. Kill it!
    "Lifting and Game of Thrones share the same calendar, there's only two seasons: cutting and bulking. And guess what? Winter's comin' so it's time to bulk up!"
    -Dom Mazzetti

  4. Week 1 im up 8 pounds wow! definantly lifting more heavy and weights i thought i could only get 8 reps of im getting 12

    lathargy for few days was the only side

    Sprinting is awsome feel allot more power and my verticle is about 20% better but i feel loads of power when doing cone drills allot more than what i feel when lifting weights!

    Im aiming to gain 1.5 inches on all my measurments, ive already gone from 15.5 inch biceps to 16 inch quads are half an inch bigger too, ill post before after photos when im done, i'll update in another week!

    so far i can say this stuff works really fast! not sure if to stick at 12 mg or bump up to 16 last 10 days, im only around 186 lbs

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