Steroid cycle - HELP

  1. Steroid cycle - HELP

    Steroid cycle:

    Hello guys I'm new here

    I wanted to know what some of you think about the following cycle. I'd greatly appreciate your thougths and further help.

    First, some things I should mention about myself:
    -I'm 25 years old
    -6.3ft / 1.92m tall
    -183lbs / 83kg
    -atheletic body - body fat around ~14%
    -have been going to the gym for 7 years on and off, although this last year every 5 times a week = with nutrition and exercises 100% full on right
    -I have never done steroids before!
    -my gains are slow and I would like to speed them up with steroids + my objective = develop more muscle mass and then have a shredded look weighing 210lbs/95kg
    -I've been plateauing several times now - so each time I change my exercise routines to combat that
    -2years ago I experienced a shoulder injury - tendon torn, I stopped lifting weight in that area + did some mild physiotherapy and took loads of supplements like cissus+glucosamine sulphate+collagen. Seven months ago I started to lift heavy weight again, but not my maximum since I'm afraid to tear it again.
    -all blood level markers in optimal range

    Along with a healthy nutrition program, the only supplements I take now:
    -Whey Protein shake: every morning with oats and post workout
    -from time to time Creatine monohydrate: morning + post workout
    -pre workout supplement: BCAAs + Beta-Alanine or Nano Vapor
    -Omega 3 = 3caps spread out evenly throughout the day
    => are there any additional supplements I should be taking before / during / after a steroid cycle?

    Next, The Steroid cycle:
    1-12 anavar 2 tabs a day 1 tab am, 1 tab pm
    1-5 test prop 1mil per day (150mg per day) - TESTOVIS
    1-10 test cyp OR test enan 225mg every other day (780mg per week) - preferably pharma/human grade
    10-13 test prop 1mil per day (150mg per day)
    1-13 HCG 250ui every 4days, start on the 4th day onwards
    Arimadex a tab every day (0.5mg every day) for duration of cycle (stop when you start your pct)

    PCT start pct 2 days after your last prop injection, total duration = 4weeks
    1 week - nolvadex 40mg + chlomid 100mg
    2 week - nolvadex 20mg + chlomid 50mg
    3 week - nolvadex 20mg + chlomid 50mg
    4 week - nolvadex 10mg + chlomid 25mg

    Anything missing? including supplements??
    Any correction needed?
    ALSO - I currently have no erection or fertility problems and don't look forward in having any disfunction there...

    Thank you so much in advance!

  2. for first cycle i recommend test e 12 weeks 500mg with pct nolva 40/20/20/20

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