alright so this is my first post on here so i'll try to not say anything stupid and if i do, please let me know. but anyways i'm starting a 6 week cycle that would consist of
Ultradrol 12/16/16/16/20/20
pstanz 200/300/300/300/300/300
dermacrine 4 pumps starting 2nd week
cycle support all throughout
liver longer all throughout
omega 3

tamoxifen 40/20/10/10
natty test booster
lean xtreme

this would be my 4th cycle. my past cycles consist of hdrol, epistane, hdrol/pstanz, epistane/pstanz. I'm 24 yrs old at 5'10 190 and i have a pretty clean diet, been working out since i was 16. Anyways I don't know if I want to go through with dermacrine or not, I've seen some bloodwork with elevated estrogen and progesterone so i don't know if I want to go that way or not. Also, I might stop the ultradrol at 4 weeks depending on how i feel. I've done a lot of research and was wondering if this looks alright? should i up the ultradrol? Thanks