Hey guys ... new to forums, not new to juice.

Here's my cycle history

1. Tren a 1-5 100mg eod w/ tbol 40mg ed
I know it was dumb but it was my first cycle about 3 years ago

2. Test e 1-12 500mg per week w/dbol 1-4 50mg
This was done Feb-may this year

This is the next cycle which I want to start in Jan. Ill be doing a very clean bulk, followed by a strict cut to get ready for summer.
1-4 dbol 50mg ed
1-10 deca 400mg ew
1-12 test e 500mg ew
14-19 test p 150mg eod
14-19 trend a 100mg eod
16-20 winny 50mg ed

Im 5'9" at 215 w/about 15% bf

My realistic goal is to get up to 245 at same bf% by week 13, then get down to 240 at 10%bf by the end of the cycle.

Please give me advice on how to make this better/more efficient but keep my goals in mind. I also need help with pct since recovery will be more difficult due to the length of the cycle. I can get my hands on anything(hcg, nolva,clomid, letro, caber, aromasin, etc.