New here, had Questions for the veterans. SUPER-DMZ 2.0 Stack

  1. New here, had Questions for the veterans. SUPER-DMZ 2.0 Stack

    Hey fellow members! okay so here is my life story. bare with me, hoping I don't flame you guys up for being such a newbie and this being my FIRST EVER POST. just trying to get a better light on this before I start this cycle or even start it without the right info. YES-I have read the sticky thread for newbies part 1 and 2. YES- I have read the PCT sticky thread, I also wrote a paper on "sports medicine" in school. So I do have some sort of grip on this.

    I'm 27 years old now, went thru a huge lifestyle change. Before i started working out I weighed in @ 250lbs. high BF%(dont know what it was, as i was clueless to fitness) and I was very rotund....anyways 3+ years (started at 24yrs old) in exercising regularly, I am now at 195 about 13-15% BF. I started my journey getting into weight lifting and CrossFit Training, which gave me a real good base on how to build muscle and doing proper(not during CrossFit, you get taught how to beat time and reps so form kinda get thrown out the window, but the endurance training was great!) form on lifts to grow and also learned supplements and how and what they do. I cut a lot of weight. now I look more muscular ladies love it., I got into MMA etc. cut my weight down to my lightest I have ever been to 180lbs. Long story short I look jacked but, I'm looking for that edge to make me ripped and jacked

    So I currently weigh 195lbs. BF% could be range of 13-16%, my goal is to build lean dry mass, and then recomp/cut into that Men's fitness type physique. I am taking this very seriously and putting 150% effort into this(even told the good friends no bars or drinks for me for a few months) I am happy with my body and my physique, but I'm pretty sure I have hit a plateau which alot of the guys @ the gym are saying as im stronger and more fit than some of the guys who look like Spartans, but tell me "how are you now ripped to shreds?" So I turn to you guys for some tuning and help me look or get to my goal!!

    I Will Log everything (pics and lifts) as soon as I get some cycle information to start, but here is what I have currently sitting in my drawer of supplements to start this cycle.

    Super DMZ 2.0 Stack
    Super-DMZ Rx - 1 bottle
    Anabolic-Matrix Rx - 1 bottle
    Ultra Male Rx - 1 bottle
    Advanced Cycle Support Rx - 1 bottle
    E-Control Rx - 1 bottle

    Other supplements
    Controlled Labs Orange Triad (Multi-vitamin/digestive/joint/immune support)
    Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil (EFA)
    Optimum Nutrition BCAA(build and recovery)
    Optimum Nutrition AMINO ENERGY ( I use as a preworkout and just for the kick of caffeine)
    Syntrax Nectar Isolate protein (figured low carb no fat no sugar it'd be a good way for gains without the fat)
    Super Cissus by USP(joint support)
    OTC vitamin C ( just stuff I've always taken to keep the immune system strong)

    So my question is has a short brief description on how I should dose the stack. I would like to follow it. my concern is the PCT part.will the E-control and everything else be enough??? I've been reading a lot on the SERM & PCT threads which can be very cloudy and mudded up with "this or that" but, I readily can get some nolva or clomid. I wanna do this the right way, I don't want to have to put breast reduction on things I've done. SO MY MAIN QUESTION IS "Whats missing from my list of supplements? and How do you fellas think my PCT should be and dosing of Nolva or Clomid(or both) or will taking just what IML says for the last 4 weeks will be ok "

    I appreciate the space and to whomever reads this and can give me some good insight. putting it lamens terms would help.

    Super-DMZ Rx Rx - 2 caps daily (1 cap AM / 1 cap PM)
    Ultra Male Rx - 1 cap daily
    Anabolic-Matrix Rx - 2 caps daily with food
    Advanced Cycle Support Rx - 2 caps daily


    Ultra Male Rx - 1 cap daily
    Anabolic-Matrix Rx - 2 caps daily with food
    Advanced Cycle Support Rx - 2 caps daily
    E-Control Rx - 3 caps daily (last 3 weeks)

  2. sorry would replacing the e-control with ERASE by PES be better?

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