Nicks T1pro cycle (40days @ 6ml a day)

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    i am doing a 40 day cycle of t1pro which will work out to be 250mg 1-test and 125mg 4ad a day. at the begining of this stack i was 190lbs and have taken all measurements and will post the results at the end. i am not changing how i eat at all and will be workin out the same as always so we will see how it works out. i have done 1 previous ph cycle and it was of 1ad and i gained quite well off only 1 bottle. so lets hope this goes well.

    Feb. 17
    weight: 190Lbs
    i got my T1Pro today in the mail... i was planning on starting tomorrow but i couldn't wait so my first application was tonight. I will be doin 42 sprays a day or 6ml for about 40 days or until it runs out. i have also come to realize that you bastards were not liein when you commented on the burn when it gets in your eyes...

    Feb. 18
    i applied 21 sprays in the morning and at night and had a good workout today. but 21 sprays seems alot and i am having to use almost all my application sites up just to get the 21 on, so i am not rotating too much... is this bad??

  2. Feb. 19
    had a bit of a rash devoloping on my biceps/inner elbow so i gave it a rest... but i am going to have to wax my chest so i have a bigger area to apply to. i have some major soreness from a good shoulder workout yesterday. no workout for me today i am off to play squash pretty quick... but i am lookin forward to tomorrow as it is arm day. also... the girlfriend came over last night and was commenting on how i smell like oysters and my breath smells like garlic.. hehe, kind sucks but funny. i had to shower cuz she kept gaging at the smell... you gotta love the DMSO

  3. 21 squirts?

  4. Isn't 3 squirts 6ml?

  5. ya... i'm doin a real heavy dose

  6. na bro... mine is in canada so i got it with a spray head and 7 sprays is = to 1 ml so 21 is 3ml... get it?? got it?? Good!!

  7. Yes shave your chest.. Then you will easily be able to get 21 sparys on without any problems. Try doing 120/day(17ml)... Now that sucks.. Talk to ya...
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  8. damn... that would be crazy.. but then again so are u

  9. Feb. 24
    been busy lately.. not much change except my body weight is up a fair bit but i am noticably larger in the stomach aswell. was also wonderin if any of you have been transformed into pornstars while on t1pro?? cuz i seem to be shootin the biggest loads ever... i will be workin out later today so i will post again if it is anything spectacular.

  10. keep us updated

  11. Feb. 27
    my weights lifted are up a small ammount and i seen to be able to lift harder for longer. weight keeps goin up slowly and most measurements are slightly up.

    oh ya... just in case u were wonderin... yes i am still a sexy mofo

  12. so you feel the ph was worth it? what does your daily caloric intake look like just out of curiosity

  13. Just wait till you hit week 3 &4 you will crap you pants.. hehehe.. Talk to ya.
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  14. why would he want to crap his pants--thats no fun, i've done while playing flag footbal, on a kickoff--messy, really messy--good thing i had extra socks.

    just kidding--i am almost done with week 1 on t1pro--and i am doing three squirts a day (3ml's?) and have yet to really notice much gains, but the strength is better--which is great casue im on CKD

  15. naw.. three squirts a day is 6ml's

  16. Feb.28
    i am not really sure how my calories are.. i never really counted em. i am eating alot though... i am in a pretty good situation as i have had time off from work since christmas(and don't know if i wanna go back ) but i am home to make my self 6 (10 is probably closer ) meals a day. i am eatin alot of protien and a fair ammount of fats, the only thing i am kinda watching is carbs but i still am not really strict with them. so the weight will go up eventually. the only thing that may be slowin it down is that i have started playing squash 3 times a week so i am tryin to avoid too much cardio other then my games as i am no too worried about a lil fat that comes as long as it brings muscle with it.

  17. March 1
    Weight: 195

    i lost a pound, probably cuz i am a bit sick... i probably shouldn't have gone to the gym today but i could not stay away. it was shoulder day and my strength is up pretty nicely. i am gonna take a day off tomorrow and i hope to be feelin better by monday or tuesday at the latest.

  18. March 4
    Weight: 198Lbs
    i took monday and tuesday due to feelin like a bag of ****... i went in today still a bit stuffed up but i had a good workout. all my numbers are still on their way up, i am doing more reps of more weight on my 4th working set then i was able to do last week when i was only doing 3. so even though i still have a bit of the flu things are good.

  19. March 5
    Weight 199Lbs
    i was gonna do legs today but i decided i should give myself 1 more day off just to make sure i get better... i am just reporting in to let yall know that i am at 199lbs and should break 200 within the week

  20. March 7

    i am still @ 199 grr.. i am tryin to catch curt dammit!!! it probably is not helping that i took off 4days last week cuz i was sick... but i was back today and am feelin good. it was leg day which which saddens me, as i have the weakest legs that have ever existed. you would think that in a year of serious lifting i would have gotten a deceint base on my legs, but no i was a dambass and never really did squats cuz i trained at home and did not like squating with no rack. but anyways i guess i get what i deserve when i can barbell curl and military press as much as i can squat cuz i have lil girly legs.

    good day

  21. oh ya... i kinda felt like a fairy shaving my legs in the shower so i can apply my t1pro (especially when i had a girl over and in with me ) so i let it grow a bit and waxed it... and **** it was almost as bad as when i wax the chest

    i have a question for yall... could i apply my t1pro to my outer forearms if i waxed em?? i usually wax em anyway and the skin seems to be thin cuz i have hella veins on the outside of my forearms. or is it not as good as the inside?

  22. March 10
    Weight 198

    well it was chest day yesterday and it was a pretty good workout... strength is up alot on inclines but i am not sure how it is for flat barbell cuz i donno how much an olympic bar weighs (the bar i have at home is a skinny ass one). i was also able to do more weight and more reps on flyes then before... eventhough i am doing more and heavier sets then i have before. so things are good.

    my weight was down to 197 the other day.. but i think it is just cuz i was a lil dehydrated... i am also finally over my cold and feeling good... today was also the first day that i have actually noticed how much better i look, mainly in the shoulders/traps.

    but my question is... how much does an olympic barbell weigh?? am also wonderin what an ez curl bar is for weight... thanks guyz

  23. 45lbs
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  24. thanks curt, i saw your pics... you are lookin good, your arms are lookin damn thick. i hope my pics look that good when i am done.

    and my flat bench press is only up 2 reps at the same weight... which i find kinda strange cuz my incline dumbell is up 10lbs per arm and 2 more reps then b4.

  25. March 16

    weight is slowly creepin up.. i don't think i will hit 210 like i hoped but i am leaner then i thought i would be. and the chunks of iron i am liftin keep gettin bigger. i hope things keep progressing for the next 10 or however many days i got left.


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