My first Epi cycle & first PH ever

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  1. My first Epi cycle & first PH ever

    Hey guys im doing an epi 10 cycle, ive decided to start logging it. Im going 20,30/40/40/40/50 & might go another week depending on sides. I'm 5'7 210 lbs 19% bf the morning before starting the cycle, 17" biceps, 14" forearms, 47" chest, & 27" quads. My bench is 415, not sure of squat but usuall do 365 5 sets of 6. I will post after cycle stats also & might post before & after pics.

  2. Srry guys im on day 5 so let me catch u up, day 1 took 20 before workout. Pumps were rock hard during workout, but joints ached an hr into my workout, forearms very veiny. Day 2 did 20 before workout back & bi workout, felt like lower back was even pumped, which was kind of uncomfortable after sa while. Did 10 mg after workout, woke up in the middle of the night with high bp headache. Day 3 took 10 mg at 9 am & 20 mg at 5 pm, Bp is up & down but keeping eye on it. Took day off from the gym today. Day4 bp doesn't seem to be a problem today took 10 in the morning & 20 before my workiut which was chest

  3. Day4 chest, shoulders. Decline was up, last set did 370 for 3 reps which is usually 350 for 4. Hammerstrenght shoulder press was up, did 340 for 4 sets of 10, which is usually around 320. This morning my weight was 214. So its definitely working, i figured it would take 2 weeks, but it seems to be working, My diet consist of eating everything in sight while being sure to get atleast 250 grams of protein, lol. Sides are mild as of now. Today is day 5 will post after workout. Any questions feel free to ask.

  4. Ok day 5 took 10mg in the morning & 20 preworkout, today i could really feel it, i work back, biceps, & triceps. I started with underhand pullups (biceps) i did 4 x 12. It felt like my forearms were going to burst! Crazy veins running through my arms some i have never seen. Then i went on to dips for 3x 40. Next was lat pulls which i did the whole stack for 4 x 10 with ease. Then i went on to concentration cable curls supersetted with rope pull downs for 4x12-15 on both, on these i focus more on the pump, which was f*****g awesome! I couldnt touch my shoulder when i was done. So now it was on to hammer curls which i did 4x 8 superslow with 55s . I then did reverse grip machine pulldowns, then finished with preacher curls & finished with lawn mower pulls with 130s. This stuff is awesome, i had to force myself to leave! I cant wait to see what 40mg does. High bp gone, a lil lethargy. Today before workout, libido is way up. I dont know if anyone will subscribe, but if anyone does feel free to ask questions, suggestions, etc...

  5. I'm on day 11 (been on 40mg for 4 days) and up 3kg. I was on low carb and maintenance kcals pre cycle. I'm 500-1000kcal over maintenance at the moment and need to calm down a bit as I'll add fat.
    Same slight headaches probably high bp libido is up and some strength gains.
    Strength increase is there shoulder press especially but did not have a spotter on bench this afternoon, the pump in my arms was almost painful today and I had veins in places I've never seen today.
    Looks like we both respond pretty well.
    Your bench is pretty sick in comparison to your squat mate, get in the squat rack mate.
    I'll be following (I'm running a log on UKMuscle)

  6. Yea im trying ive neglected squat for a couple years due to construction work, couldnt do my job after squat workouts, at one time i was squatting almost 600. So that is where im trying to get again. Yea i started taking the hawthorne berrie extract and eating celery daily and the blood pressure hasnt been a problem. Since. I had to throw in cardio daily cause i was feeling bloated & felt like i was adding a lil fat

  7. Def gonna stay tuned into this as I'm deciding to run either Beast or Epi next, but depending on your results/goals and a few other folks as well I'll make up my mind eventually. For dried up joints look into gloucasime/chrond, it might take a bit of time for that to settle in, but will def help out. Also Omega/Fish Oils and COQ-10 will help you out; safe to assume you're taking in a good amount of water and if you get painful pumps throw in some taurine and potassium and that should settle that no prob. Nice log goin on so far and will def check this out, best of luck bro.

  8. Well thanks for you guys input, i will keep logging daily. Day 6 today went 30mg again today, my workout today was mostly a fat burning workout. I statred with bench did 2x 35 reps with 205 then 2x 25 with 225. After that i did squat 4x20 with 245. Powercleans were next did 185 for 4x8. Finished with 30 mins of cardio on elliptical. Felt extremely pumped whole workout. No sides except libido. Through the roof

  9. Day 7 no workout today, but slept like a bear today a lil lethargic. No other sides to report.

  10. Day 7 - 10 mg in the morning & 20 preworkout. All i can say is wow! Today i benched 225 40 times! 315x12, 335x8, 365x6, 385x4, & 405x3. Pumps were crazy & im weighing in at 217 (+6) which im sure half is water. Tommorow i start 40 mg

  11. In this

  12. Ok guys been busy havent posted in several days. Day 8 took day off, also started on 40 mg. Notice lethargy was up so i tried drink a small cup of coffee. Coffee helped but raised my BP, so i doubled up on hawthorne berries. Day 9 did back & biceps felt a lil sluggish during workout, nonetheless still had crazy veins in arms and shoulders & rock hard pumps. Day 10 took 10 mg at 5 am ten at 12, & 20 mg at 5pm. Weight is at 219 this morning (+9 lbs) right after taking a leak so shouldn't be much water weight. Looking a lot bigger & harder, pants starting to fit tight on quads. So far very pleased with results, still have at least 4 more weeks.

  13. Day 11 did legs today, squat was up veins in calves, which. Ive never had before. No sides BP is fine now. Im loving it so far, I want to get up 230 then cut after the new year.

  14. Day 12 took 20 mg this morning then took off to the gym for a chest orkout. My bench us crazy my the way, i always start with 225 for about 25 reps . Today i did 40 & racked it with ease. I worked my way up to 405 for 3 reps & then went 425 for 1 rep. So that's a 20lb increase on bench on day 12. Loving it, my next cycle im thinking about trying dieselbolan. I hoping for another 20 lb increase by the end of the cycle.

  15. I'm in bro. I'm looking at running epi as part of my upcoming cut. Keen to see how it's goes for you bro!

  16. Day 13, took today off felt very lethargic. Sleep is awesome, problem is i want to stay in bed. Lol

  17. Day 14 did legs, felt a lot stronger quads were rock hard. Squat is up, so are leg curls & leg extensions. Loving this stuff, i will be sad to get off it. Bright side i have 4 weeks left & strenght is through the roof. My weight is 224 lb (+14lbs) think im going to do another bulk week then try to cut the last three weeks.

  18. Day 15, did chest, & triceps today. I know this is getting old, but my bench is freakin stupid strong! Did 225 x 45 for warmup. Threw 315 on there & repped it 14 times! Worked my way up to 435 for 1 rep. All upperbody lifts are up. Im only two weeks in, its getting better every day. Pumps are massive, a lil aggrivation also, BP is fine, no acne, or aching joints. Cant beleive i used to waste my money at ***! Lol

  19. Lol yeah bro I'm glad I didn't throw to much money their way. I came across AM years back it's been my encyclopedia since. And the lethargy from epi is a bitch isn't it? Like mid day when I take my second dose all I wanna do is lay down

  20. Yea it is ive been using those crystal light packs u add to water, the ones with caffeine in them & now i feel just fine. So far it hasnt affected by blood pressure.

  21. Am new to the forum and planning an upcoming cycle. Your posts are very helpful and your progress is incredible. On the off days you didn't reference a dosage. Were you taking EPI on the off days? Also, do you have a PCT planned out? Thanks.

  22. You take epi everyday unless your pulsing which is a whole different thing.

  23. Yes, on off days i take it at the same times i normally would as if i was going to workout, instead i take it with a large meal. Yes i have some clomid, isatest, & lean xtreme.

  24. My plan is to go 4 more weeks on epi, but i want to start stano 200 for the last two weeks of epi & continue it another 4 weeks after that. Which i will be cutting, still waiting on some feedback & thoughts on that. Welcome suggestions & criticism. BTW Day 16 no workout today, all around good feeling. Traps shoulders & chest looking massive.


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