Results from my 6-week 1-test 4-ad M4Ohn cycle

  1. Results from my 6-week 1-test 4-ad M4Ohn cycle


    I worked out alot in the gym during college and for a few years afterword. I am a hard gainer, not really skinny, but Lean.

    The most I could ever Bench during my younger years was about 185lbs 8 reps. I got burnt out, didn't eat right, nor did I completely understand all the basic's that went into a good routine. I thought lifting was it...Never thought about nutrition, recovery time, etc.

    Then, I took 7 years off (Got married, had kids). back in June of 2003 (about 16 months ago), my wife said, "Why don't you look like you did when you were younger". I said "well ****, that does it...I'm gonna get back into shape and SHOW HER". I was motivated.

    June 2003: 197lbs, 6' 0", probably around 15-16% bodyfat. Waist was 35". I was not happy about the waist. So, for 3 months I started jogging 5 times a week. In the 3rd month, I lowered that to 3 times a week, and going to the gym 3 times per week.

    Sept 1 2003: 165lbs, around 9% bodyfat. Waist back down to my 32". Very pleased, and ripped. but skinny. Wife said, "you need some bulk". In september I could only bench about 135lbs 10times. Not too happy about this.

    Oct 1st 2004: After a year in the gym, but with a crappy diet (I never ate enough protein, nor enough calories):
    177lbs, 10% bodyfat, 32" waist. Bench all the way up to 205lbs about 6 reps.

    Cycle started Oct 4th:
    wks 1-6 1-test Trans 425mg/day
    wks 1-6 4-ad Trans 350mg/day
    wks 2-6 M4ohn 40mgs/day

    Final stats:
    187.5lbs, in the morning, no clothes, completely dry after a good long pee. Bodyfat the same = 9.9-10.2% bodyfat. Waist 32". Bench, arms, back, legs, all have gone up in strength. Bench has always been my weakest, but I'm pleased that I can now do 225lbs 8 reps, then i do 205 (2 sets) for 8 reps each. That's a pretty good increase in 6 weeks. I don't quite feel bigger, but my jeans no longer fit in the legs, and my shirts are tighter. Of course the wife says "you are alot thicker now".

    In addition, alot more veins "poke" out.

    So there you have it. 10lbs in 6-weeks, NO BLOAT, no water retention, bigger all round. pretty pleased. In fact, I'm getting close to my old weight when i was 5-6% higher bodyfat, and 3" bigger waist.

    So, Tomorrow I start 4 weeks of Nolva. Then I'm on the heavy duty 10 weeker 1-test/4-ad CYP cycle. that should be interesting!

    Sides: 2 days I did not use 4-ad (i switched between BIG1 and using T-gel) and ran out. I got very lethargic those days, and got really pissed off easily. For the most part, I have no sides. I do get moody, but that's normal. Oh, one interesting thing: I really had some bad acne for the first 3 weeks (and I'm 35 years old). Once the M4Ohn kicked in, all acne went away. NON, zero.

    finally, on my forearms, I seem to break out in bumps from the 1-test Transdermal. This doesn't happen on my thighs however.

    That is all. 1 cycle under the belt.

  2. Thanks, that's good information. Right now Im doing my first cycle too. It's all orals which I guess is expensive, but I didn't know that when I started.
    600mg 1test estergel
    600mg 19 nor
    1200mg 4ad

    So far in 2 weeks Ive put on 8 pounds. I think that's pretty impresive since I've been at the same weight 196 for the past year.

    The only sides I've noticed are feeling a little sick to my stomach and having trouble sleeping.

  3. i wouldn't start that 10 week cycle until after 6 weeks after PCT
    as a general rule of thumb for safety you should take as much time off as you were on after completing pct

  4. Great results Zip91. Too bad all of these products will no longer be available two months from now.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    i wouldn't start that 10 week cycle until after 6 weeks after PCT
    as a general rule of thumb for safety you should take as much time off as you were on after completing pct
    I know your giving good advice, and I have done a tremendous amount of research on the issue. Normally, I would follow what you say. However, Because alot of Bro's get swelling from the 1-test CYP when they first start their cycle, I have chosen to only wait 4 weeks, so I can start my cycle during my 2 weeks off over christmas holiday. My company shuts down, so this is a good time to deal with any unpleasant issues that might arise. I do alot of traveling, and it would suck BIGTIME if my rear end was swollen, and I had to sit in an airplane for 3 hours.

    Most guys here seem to adjust (their bodies do) after being on CYP for several weeks.

    Anyway, after this one, I will give it a good long time before the next cycle

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Strateg0s
    Great results Zip91. Too bad all of these products will no longer be available two months from now.
    Thanks for compliments the way, I loved your article on the Avantlabs website. It was fun to read!!

    Yea, too bad. However, I don't think I will be short of anything for years. LOL. Between all the DS CYP vials, and powders, the only thing I will need in the future is plenty of Tamoxifen and T-GEL.

    Strategos, question for you: Whats with the infatuation people have wiht M1T?? how the heck can you really expect to gain 10lbs in 2 weeks, and keep it? and with all the sides? seems rediculous to me.

  7. good log zip, you need to post b4 and after pics...

    I am getting ready for a 1test 4ad cyp 12weeker. so keep us posted.

    as for M1t it is some serious stuff!!

    but for the 10 lbs lean mass gains in two weeks hmmmm. you do the math

    1lb = 453.5924 grams-

    14 days / 10 lbs = .71lbs of lbm PER DAY EVERY DAY-

    that means ther bodies had to absorb and place 322.05g of protein ED
    to do that they had to down about 550 - 600g of protein and take in more calories than there BMR by 20-25%!!!!!
    If they did that then i don't know.

    I would like to see professional opinions on that,


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