Kick Start with M1T - ST and 1T Cyp

  1. Kick Start with M1T - ST and 1T Cyp

    Goal: I want to gain as much strength as I can during this cycle without adding too much fat.

    Days 1-12 10mg M1T
    Week 1-10 1T Cyp 600mg
    Week 1-10 ST 1500mg
    Week 4-10 4AD Cyp 600 mg
    Week 9-10 M4OHN 24mg
    Week 11-12 M4OHN 32 mg
    PCT – 60/40/40/20 Nolva

    Age 42
    Height 6’
    Weight 215

    4000 Cal a day
    250-300 grams Protein

    Training – 4 day split

    Chest & Delts
    Back & Traps
    Biceps & Triceps

    I will train 5 days a week and take Sat & Sun off. This will allow every body part to be trained 5 times over a 4 week period. Training style is similar to Max-Ot.

    First time to use M1T and first time to inject. First dose yesterday.
    I could feel the M1T working after a couple of days as my joints felt better and my strength was going up faster than I expected.

    10-27-2004 (Week 2)
    Weight 221 (up 6 lbs)

    Weight up 6lbs, no sides from the M1T during the first week. Strength up. Felt pretty good through the first week.

    Mid week defiantly getting more pumps and cramps due the M1T. Strength is still going up.

    11-1-2004 (Week 3)
    Weight 226 (up 11 lbs)

    I took the last dose of M1T last Thursday. About 2 days into week 3 noticed I was losing water and getting joint pain in elbows and knees. Weight dropped a couple of pounds pretty quick. I’m guessing M1T was causing me to hold a little extra water. My face was never bloated so it wasn’t an excess amount just enough to make joints feel better than they usually do. This prompted me to re-evaluate and decide to add a little more 4AD Cyp. I was hoping to make this a little wetter to help preserve my joints.
    On 11-10 I added 600mg of 4AD Cyp

    11-8-2004 (Week 4)
    Weight 226

    I decided to decrease training to 4 days a week for a while so each body part will only be hit once a week.
    This week was the best as far as strength. Gains were real nice this week. I started experiencing more tightness and cramps especially in my legs.

    11-15-2004 (Week 5)
    Weight 229 (Up 14 lbs)

    After completing my first 4 weeks my weight is up 14 lbs and all of my lifts are at all time high. I hope the strength keeps coming this week.

  2. Now that I have the last 4 weeks caught up for my log I will try to update once or twice a week.
    Here is a list of my strength gains so far.
    *Bench Press Up 30 lbs and 3 more reps
    *Squat Up 70 lbs
    *Incline DB Press Up 40 lbs

  3. 11-22-2004 (Week 6)
    Weight 230 (Up 15 lbs)

    Looking forward to lifting heavy this week. I added another 20lbs to my squats today Hopefully weights will be up again this week.

  4. why both 4-ad cyp and ST .... doesn't ST have 4-ad cyp in it?

  5. Yes ST has 4AD cyp in it. I never intended to add more 4AD cyp when I started the cycle but after I dropped the M1T I pissed out about 2lbs or so of water and my joints started getting dry and hurting. I'm not sure if it was because of the 1test or the 4OHT cyp in ST. So I decided to add more 4AD cyp to make it a little wetter. It worked for what I wanted and I have dropped it down to 300mg of 4AD cyp this week and so far so good.

  6. Finished week 6 and strength gains are slowing down. I may lower the volume of training a little next week and see if that helps strength. BTW Am I the only one that hates glute shots? That is the only area that seems to give me trouble. Quads are great and delts are ok but glutes always seem to get sore and sometimes develop knots.

  7. 11-29-2004 (Week 7)
    Weight 233 (Up 18 lbs)

    I'm shaking things up this week. I'm switching to a HIT style training this week for a change.
    Mon - Chest, Back & Delts
    Tue - Legs, Bic & Tris
    Wed - Off
    Thurs - Chest, Back & Delts
    Fri - Legs, Bic & Tris
    Sat - Off
    Sun - Off

    Lots of warm-ups and 1 set to failure for each body part. I did Chest, Back and Delts this morning and strength is still going up a bit. It felt great to lower the volume and really put an all out effort in 1 set for body part.

  8. End of week 7 (11-4-2004)

    Sorry, I’m behind in posting I will try to update soon on week 8 as of this posting I’m half way through week 8.

    HIT was great this week I had nice strength gains.

    Bench Press Up 50lbs
    Squat Up 90lbs

    These are for reps I’m very happy with strength gains on this cycle and I’ve already hit all of my strength goals. I did miss Fridays workout due to a family emergency but it is the only workout that I have missed on this cycle and for several months before.

  9. Nice gains man.

  10. 12-6-2004 (Week 8)
    Weight 232 (Up 17 lbs)

    Weight is down 1lb from last week. This week I'm going to up the volume to 10-15 sets per body part. I won't be able to track any strength gains this week due to the radical change in training volume.

    I started the M4OHN on Wed. 12-8 at 24mg a day. Only 2 more weeks of pinning from thurs.

    Thanks for the compliment

    I have been very pleased with DS products. I highly recomend them if you can get 'em before the ban. Thanks to sledge

  11. looking good man. Stay at it.

  12. 12-13-2004 (Week 9)
    Weight 229 (Up 14 lbs)

    I've been sick and loosing weight. Down another since the last week. No workout today hopefully I will start feeling better soon.

  13. 12-20-2004 (Week 10)
    Weight 230 (Up 15 lbs)

    Last week sucked, missed 2 workouts and took it easy on the other two. That was the worst cold I have has in many years. I'm just now getting over it.

    This will be my last week to pin. I'm sure this week will be better than the last one

  14. Nice gains bro

  15. I did my last pin today and upped M4OHN to 32mg a day split in 4 doses. I'm also feeling much better now that the sinus presure in my head is almost non-existing. I will be starting PCT Monday Jan 3. What a way to start the new year

  16. My strength is finally climbing again I worked arms today and was amazed how light the weight felt... I've completed my workouts for week 10! It will be interesting to see what happens next week...

    Thanks for all the encouragement

  17. 12-27-2004 (Week 11)
    Weight 231 (Up 16 lbs)

    My weight seems to have stableized right around 230. I'm only on M4Ohn this last week til i start PCT.

  18. 1-03-2005 (PCT Week 1)
    Weight 232 (Up 17 lbs)

    Now to try and hang on to all the gains and strength


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