Help Deciding on Next Cycle

  1. Help Deciding on Next Cycle

    Few months ago did a AMS Growth kit cycle with great results and no sides at all. I ran the kit along with cycle assist and used recycle as a PCT.

    Im looking at another cycle in another month or so.

    For the time being, I want to stay with the milder PH such as the DHEA and Andro stacks.

    I also would like to either run an 8 week cycle or 4on/4PCT month off and then another 4on/4PCT.

    Was either thinking the AMS kit again(Deca,1-AD,4-AD) or running the FRL Alpha Bulk and Mass combo. I can get the kits for $80 and $85 respectively. I will be using cycle assist and running Erase as a PCT either way.

    Any recommendations or suggestions?

    Thank you

  2. Anyone?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Dlauth
    If you liked the AMS kit, run it again. However, the ForeRunner kit will probably do well by you too. So either or, probably won't go wrong. Might want to try ForeRunner's ReBoot for PCT.

  4. Would it not be advisable to just run erase as the pct?

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