Rpn havoc and finaflex 1-andro stack

  1. Rpn havoc and finaflex 1-andro stack

    What's up guys been awhile since I've been on here I was just looking for some advice or ideas on a cycle I've been thinking about. I just recenty ran h-drol and 11-sterone had some pretty good results. My stats are 5'5 165 yes I know I'm short ha ha I've ran about 4 cycles so far. I have some finaflex 1-andro I was thinking about running but I know its pretty mild and was thinking about stacking it with something. I have two bottles havoc and was kinda thinking this might be a good stack. The havoc would keep the gains nice and dry and control estrogen conversion from the 1-andro. Any thoughts? I have two bottles of each so I can definatly run the havoc where it should be at 40mgs. Probably looking at a 5-6 week cycle. I have proper pct also nolva daa the works.

  2. Anyone....

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