Eagle Ken plans to go All IN with royal flush, pre cycle log

  1. Ok so this is the cycle im planning, all set and probably a few slight changes but this is the solid plan.

    A.- Test E 500 mgs week 1-12

    K.- Proviron 50 mgs week 7-14

    Q.- Halodrol 90 mgs week 1-6 OR ANAVAR 80 mgs x week 1-8

    J.- Androhard V3 8 caps week 1-7

    10.- Exemestane (in case)

    Big Blind: Hcg 250 UIs 2 tmes per week

    I started a thread on here before, but i had to delete it due to some hate comments.

    i have all the gear, just need to get the AH and some ancilliaries and supps.

    Ive been talking about this on the anabolics section, but im moving this on here. so this is the precycle log (im doing a meal plan and intense training to be as lean as i can prior the cycle)

    Stats: 5'8 170 pounds.

    Any input, suggestions are welcome, haters reserve stupid comments please... this is my first time pinning so i need your support guys. planning this for 5 months or more, i think everything is on point.

    Im posting pics every 2 weeks, from now. so 6 weeks more to start the cycle!, get subbd

    Thank you all who were helping me with my research (you all know who you are) , i love this site! .

    NOTE: i completely changed my mind on the superdrol, wont be using it, because how suppressive it is, and due to liver concerns, also, i guess test E will cover me enough for mass gains, and i dont want to be too big tbh.

  2. Plan changed, no superdrol this time. halodrol or anavar will be in the front (halodrol week 1-6 or anavar week 1-8)

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