First SD Cycle LGI SD 10

  1. First SD Cycle LGI SD 10

    Hey this is my first cycle of SD that i am going to run and I would like some advice on it,
    I have run other pro hormones before but none like superdrol
    This is what I have planned

    Preload Cycle assist for 1 week

    10/20/20/20 mg of SD
    and take cycle assist throughout the cycle and 2 weeks into PCT

    I was planning to take the nova


    SERM: Nolva (tamoxifine citrate)

    along with the nolva i am planning to take an OTC such as DAA for the 4 weeks of PCT

    I know that the answer is probably no, but instead of DAA could i use a tribulis product while on PCT with my nova? because I have a bunch of Prime laying around and wanted to know if it would be ok to take.

    I was wondering if there is anything else that I should take into consideration
    I want to keep my gains and want to have minimal to no side effects if possible
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  2. I'm into my 3rd week of SD @ 20mg/ED and Test E @ 500mg/wk (and will end my Test with an Epi) and I feel great, only noticeable side effect is heart rate and BP, but it's not extreme. I'm running 4 Liv52 pills a day, and 8 CEL Cycle Assist Caps a day, along with a scoop of AI Cycle Support Powder in each protein shake. A lot of people report feeling like crap while on SD, but not me, and I'm guessing it's the supple amount of support supps I have. Take that for what it's worth.

    For PCT, I'm planning to continue use of Liv52, CEL PCT Assist, Anabolic Xtreme Advanced PCT (both those PCT assists have different ingredients), DAA, Nolva and Clomid. I'm using a lot more supps than most people use, because I'm going a more advanced cycle, but these are things you might want to take into consideration.

    To keep your gains, you have to get that natural test kicked back into production ASAP and level quick!

  3. Thanks man I really appreciate it I don't think I'm gonna take the extra liv 52 although i did hear a lot of people do feel a sense of lathargic wile on SD. I am prob gonna pick up a cel pct assist and maybe something else to help kickstart my natural test

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