2nd cycle questions (Alpha mass+alpha bulk+pbold/eq plex)

  1. 2nd cycle questions (Alpha mass+alpha bulk+pbold/eq plex)

    Hello all,

    23 years old
    180 lbs
    Previous cycle experience, 4 week run of IML 1-andro at ~800mg/week. Got a good 5-6 pounds out of it after pct. This cycle was around a year ago.
    Currently I am coming off a shoulder injury, and being mostly sedentary for ~2 months becausee of that and the job I had. Looking to get back on the horse and put some muscle back on.

    I have a bottle of FRL Alpha mass, Alpha Bulk, 2 boxes AMS Arom X, 2 bottles of CEL Eq-Plex, Nolva and 2 bottles CEL Cycle Assist. I was looking into picking up some Taurus P bold to have enough bold on hand to make it worthwhile for an 8 week bold run, but not sure exactly how to combine the eq plex and pbold.

    What I was thinking for the run:

    Week 1-3: ??? Bold
    Week 4: 6 caps AM + Bold
    Week 5-7: 6 caps AM + 6 caps AB + Bold
    Week 8: 6 caps AB + Bold
    Week 9-12: nolva+DAA+PF Test freak

    Cycle assist will also be run weeks 1-8.

    My biggest question would be how to combine the pbold and eqplex to get an 8 week run. Each Eq plex bottle has 60 caps @ 200 mg of bold, not sure how the pbold compared with conversion.


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  3. I don't think p bold is anything like eq plex. Isn't it a two step precursor? You needed about 800mgs of the Now banned bold for it to be effective.
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