Im 30, 200lbs 6ft. 3 weeks into an ibe epistane cycle at 40mgs, with no sides or effect. Ive tooken 3 8week epi cycles before with great success, this time it just aint happening. I'm getting some 60ct dbol 50mg in a few days not sure if i should bridge it with epi or just run pct and save the dbol to stack with a test e . ive never ran test before, wondering if test and dbol will be too much. i run liverfix and eat a spoonful of peanutbutter with ever epi pill dont drink anything but water and milk. no liver issues, from what I've read the only limit to how long you can run something is the liver toxicity. pct i use nolvadex 20mgs ed,clomid50mgs eod , and have some exmestane and letrozole just in case. i want to run a great cycle see what i can achieve without ****ing myself over thank you. no hcg, i think pinning once a week is good enough till i actually do it . So in conclusion, start pct or continue 50mg dbol/40mg epi stack 4 more weeks to see what dbol can do and what effect it might have without test e in the mix, id still have a 4 week supply of dbol to kickstart my test e cycle which i want to run. thanks