Could one run DAA EOD to off set sides of H-Drol?

  1. Could one run DAA EOD to off set sides of H-Drol?

    Maybe this is a stupid question so forgive me BUT would running something like DAA (already have on hand) every other day off set the low libido that will come on a 6 week cycle of H-Drol.

    Any feedback or feelings?

    Thank you to all who respond

  2. Let me add before someone attacks me lol

    I know it's used in the PCT and all that but didn't know if there was any advantage to poking the old boys EOD to wake them up a bit.

    I guess it's just confusing that heavier compounds they say have a Test base so why not for other compounds that cause shut down.

    If someone could further explain this so I understand why then all will be wonderful lol

  3. Hmmm? Just re-read my post what I meant by test base is some run Hgh during to keep the boys works so y not do this for all compounds that shut u down

  4. U mean hcg. Daa will not stimulate anything if u are shut down. If ur not willing to inject u can use 4ad. Dermacrine or andro enhance.

  5. Ah ha! Lol ok this is what I was sort of thinking that DAA is just not strong enough to kick the boys into shape during the ON. I know it's just a helper during PCT.

    Thank you for clarifying that.

    As for the products listed I am familiar with them but was just wondering out loud.

  6. And oops! Yes Hcg lol

  7. I think for my next cycle I'll either run Epi or Tbol so I'll add one of those products just to help the boys out


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