I am currently on a cycle of 500 mg of test-e and 300 mg of masteron, prepping for my first physique show on Oct 20, 2012. I was on 200 mg of tren but cut that out bc my right nipple started getting puffy. It wasnt sensitive, sore, and i didnt have any lumps or knots either. Just puffy. I got bloodwork done and my Tlevel was at 1600 and my estro was at ****ing 142!!! That was about 4 weeks ago. I began taking A-dex every other day and have yet to go back for more bloodwork.

I did some reading and read that adex isnt what i needed for the nipple. A-dex would help lower my estrogen level, but thats it. Apparent;y, my nipple puffiness is due to prolactin build up. So i purchased some liquid Prami. I have been taking .1 of that for about 1 week now and still have yet to see TOO MUCH of a difference. I have heard that gyno is ONLY when there is a phycial knot/lump behind your nipple. Luckily that has not happened.

I am a newbie at all of this so anything would help guys. I'm also new to the forum so im looking forward to being in this community.