I need a little help. I was wondering which bicycle would be good to ride on for a first time until i get my training wheels taken off. Could somebody tell me if either of these are good or not? I'm 6'1 195 about 10-11% bf, been lifting for about 2 years now and my diet is in check.

Test E/Boldenone Cycle

Boldenone 250mg per week (Wk 1-10)
Test E 250mg per week (Wk 2-11)
Nolvadex 10-20mg ed (Wk 10-13)
Clomid 50-100mg ed (Wk 13-14)

Or this was my other option

Deca/Mesterolone/Winstrol cycle

Deca 250mg per week (Wk 1-10)
Mesterolone 50 mg ed (Wk 2-11)
Winstrol 20mg ed (Wk 5-11)
Nolvadex 10-20mg ed (Wk 11-13)
Clomid 50-100mg ed (Wk 12-13)

Please let me know Is there any other cycle I should look into for lean mass building and bulking. Any advice is greatly appreciated.