Title pretty much sums it up, Four weeks Of RPN havoc

wk1 20
wk2 30
wk3 30
wk4 40

On cycle support supps:
Cel Cycle assist 8 caps per day( pre loaded 2 weeks)
Now Adam mens multi
Fish oil 10 caps a day( i take handfuls at a time, always have dont see reason to change)
Taurine 6g pre workout and 6 upon waking as well
I also have some super liver detox from a while back about half a bottles worth ill take the rest of it for what its worth
creatine mono 5-7g per day

Clomiphene first 2 days 100mg remainder of week 1 50 mg wk2 50mg wk3 25mg
Daa 3g per day starting day 1 of pct
Erase starting week 3 3/3/2/2/1 or whatever is left to taper off
AI Life support
Creatine mono 5-7 g a day as always

A little backround, Starting weight 195 standing at a towering 5'9 haha. Bf% 13 last measured in july
Past anabolics experience; none, have used ghrp and cjc but I wouldnt place them in the same category
Training experience: I have been at it for as long as i can remember, my old man put me on to weights when i was about 14 and then I progressed as I think most do through high school. Played 3 years with a ncaa div 2 baseball team and my interest in weight training took off with the knowledge I gained from our coach and stregnth guy. One was a mid 40's cpt and the other a NPC champ and junior nationals winner.
My attention shifted from college baseball to bodybuilding and stregnth training and i then persued accordingly. I spent the next year prepping for the Universitys contest only to fall ill 8 weeks out. The following year and a half puts me to where I am now; training religiously and ready to take a step further.

Current max's
Bench: 275x8
Dead: 455x3
Squat: 385x10

I have never attempted a 1rm so i wouldnt know what my max output is.
As far as measurements go i only havean old arm measurement from july and my waist to go by
17 1/4 and 32. Im sure these arent very accurate but we will see come the end of our 4 week adventure.

My goals are as follows:
plus 5 lb weight gain as a recomp, would very much like to lean out but add a little to the wheels and chest.
I very much would like to see my deadlift numbers go above 500 and the squat to go above 400 so we will see.
And lastly i could use some improvement on symmetry, the vast majority of mass and weight is centered around my tri's rear delts and lats. I would like to see some improvements in my chest and quads as well as delts.

I am Now on day 5 and will begin to log my workouts as of yesterday; (because I remember it well and want to)

Day5: Smith sissy squats 135x20 225x12 225x12 315x6
BB squats 225x15 315x12 315x10 365x 6
Walking bb lunges 115 for 10 stridesx3
quad ext 115x15 x4
RDL's 135x10 225x8 225x5 I was fried and my erectors were on fire

And to finish me and my training partners decided to push a prowler with 100 pound plates up a hill, this absoloutely ruined me. I spent the next 20 mins on the can deciding wether to **** or puke.....i def puked.

Sides: None as of yet
No indication of much of anything yet other than a spike in appetite and a slight libido increase.

Will log again tomorrow after tonights workout, which will be arms and assistance work.

Thanks for the read and follow along.