beastdrol stack? epi, anavar, non methyls?

  1. beastdrol stack? epi, anavar, non methyls?

    looking to do a beastdrol cycle in 3 weeks for a recomp/consolidate my bulk. i was looking for something to stack with beastdrol possibly bridge with after the beast. i have seen a good few sd epi logs, i like the idea of a 6 week cycle as you can grow slower and compound your gains and hopefully keep more.

    i would like to run the beast at 20/20/20/20, if anyone has any ideas as to what would stack well with this, obviously i wud like to stack it with a non-methylated compound so as to give my liver a break, but if this isnt possible i dont mind two methyls. also i can get my hands on some anavar so i could run sd 4 weeks and anavar 6 weeks or would that b overkill.

    ive been bulking for the last 4 months and just started a mini cut to assess my current state and lower bf so when i am bulking again i can keep it lower. i would ideally like a 20 pound gain but being realistic it would b more of a recomp for my cycle, lower bf a little whilst gaining a good bit of muscle mass.

    all advice welcome. training will be on point 5 day split, 3on 1off 2on 1 off, cardio will b a mix of LISS and HIIT. looking to compound my results. diet will be 40/40/20, pro/carbs/fat. thinking of lowering the carbs after the sd but keeping cals the same. but thats 4 a different post

    so my question is what can i stack with beastdrol to help with the lowering of bodyfat but not interfere with the mass gains and infact help them.

  2. was doing more reading and i dont see what would b so bad about running a 5 or 6 week cycle of beastdrol as long as ur support supps were on point. anybody have any input?

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