I am trying to plan my next cycle and I am kind of uncertain what would be a better option.

I am 33, 6'1" and about 200 lbs now. I have been training on and off for 15 years. I used to be very much against anabolics as I have a very good genetics and I used to grow very well. Several years ago I got a terrible disease and I had to undergo several surgeries under general anesthesia and I also underwent heavy corticosteroid therapy. It all left me with a skinny body and totally lost strength. When I went back to gym I simply couldn't perform. I then decided to do AS and I am currently doing the week 12 of my first cycle. I am amazed by the results. My aim was to recover, and not that I only recovered but I gained a lot of muscles back. I am now planning my next cycle. My first cycle was testosterone enanthate 500 mg/ week weeks 1- 12, anavar 30 mg ed weeks 1- 8 and winstrol 20 mg ed weeks 1- 8.
I am currently about 10 % BF and I am planning to run Clen after the PCT on and off until January to get to 7 % BF.
My aim is to get solid muscles and I have several options on my mind.

As I am going to Turkey soon, I will have access to generic Primo.
My first option is weeks 1- 17 600 mg primo, 600 mg testosterone enanthate weeks 1- 17 weeks 1- 5 60 mg turinabol ED and weeks 15- 19 Pregnyl 250 IU e3D

My second option is boldenone undeconate weeks 1- 15 600 mg EW, testosterone enanthate weeks 1- 17 600 mg/ week, weeks 1- 5 60 mg turinabol ED and weeks 15- 19 Pregnyl 250 IU e3D

I would prefer boldenone because of the price but I am afraid in case I go psychotic on it it will take years for the psychotic symptoms to go away. I have never had any psychological issues until now so I don't know if this is of concern.
I have also been considering trenbolone and deca but I am afraid of progesterone related side effects. What is your experience like with those products.

I know you guys are very knowledgeable here and I love to hear some constructive critics from you.